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How to rocket jump in tf2

I'm not an expert at rocket jumping but i certainly have the basics down with 700 hours in tf2 and feel qualified in teaching the basics in rocket jumping. But first, why would you even need to know how to rocket jump? Well the soldier is a pretty slow class, its the second slowest after the heavy. With rocket jumping you can move a lot faster and jump to insanely high places. You can become arguably the most maneuverable and versatile class in the game. Also its really fun to market garden people. For market gardening, rocket jumping is a necessary skill. Before the tutorial starts i think its best to advise you to download the map called tr_walkway. It is a very valuable resource in learning how to rocket jump and any other skill for that matter. its very easy to practice on that map. Without further ado here is how you rocket jump !
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So the first step is to pick the soldier class, and take out the rocket launcher, although i recommend for you to equip the rocket jumper to practice since it allows you too take zero damage from the rocket launcher. Then the next step in rocket jumping is to look down, crouch (control key) and jump (space) and fire. That's all you have to do for a basic rocket jump! There is a really convenient script that you can download and bind to your Mouse 4 or Mouse 5 key that does this all in one step, for perfect rocket jumps every time! All you have to do is download the notepad file from game banana and move it to your folder cfg folder located here: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonTeam Fortress 2tfcfg. Then you could just look down and click it and you will rocket jump. The link to the game banana rocket jump:
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There is actually a lot more to learn then just the basic jump. For example if you want to exit out of spawn a lot faster or just to maneuver faster in general, you could position yourself next to wall and shoot in the direction of the wall at a slight downward angle. Also you can chain jumps together, for example lets say that you want to get to a really high place, that you can't get with a normal rocket jump, in that case you can rocket jump to the wall and the when your going up, shoot the wall at a downward angle. This will propel you double the height of a normal rocket jump. You can do this with all four rockets in your clip to get to insane places. The last skill you should learn is to pogo, pogo-ing is when you chain rocket jumps on the ground, its used to maintain your speed and keep your momentum. To do this you have to crouch and shoot at a slight downwards angle, the angle depends on how fast you are going.
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