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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (B2P)
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Rainbow Six Siege Operator Guide

Rainbow Six Siege is a game where you play as an operator and take down the enemy team, I got this game on Xbox some time back and got pretty good at it, but in the game you buy operators which becomes more expensive the more you buy them so I decided to help you decide who your going to get. The choice of what operator you get is up to you, I'm trying to help you decide.

A key factor in a good operator is their weapon loadout, that's why many people like to use Jager or Ela. A good shotgun won't be as effective on attack as it will be on defense, try to stay away from shotguns on Twitch, Ying, Sledge, Thatcher, Hibana and others. DPS can change a lot too, like when your in a 1 v 1 situation, you'll want DPS.
A good gadget might be good as well, like Smoke's, Mute's, Rook's, Valkyrie's, Thermite's. All of their gadgets can provide for the team or they're just useful in general.

All operators I list will be original operators or nonDLC .
By playing this game you can get 100 Play

1. Rook
Rook can help you win a gunfight more often with armor, plus his armor pads are available for all operators. His guns are good as he's equipped with an smg and a slow shotgun and he's a three armor character.
2. Mute
Mute slows down the enemy and has an okay loadout with a low damage smg and a great shotgun with two armor. A lot of times I won by the enemy not finding the objective.
3. Smoke
Smoke can trap enemies outside an objective by deploying a remote gas grenade, or you could kill the enemies with his god-like smg. With two armor and two speed, you have a great deal of speed and health.
4. Bandit
Bandit is great in many situations, though you do need to practice, the rewards are big. He's the fastest speed in the game with three speed, one armor and has a great smg and shotgun.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play

1. Fuse
Fuse is easy to play in the begging of the game, just place down some cluster charges on windows and blow them up. He has a great assault rifle and a decent lmg and shield.
2. Thermite
Thermite can bust down reinforcements most of the time and has a good DPS assault rifle. His ability can help out the entire team easily.
3. Thatcher
Most of the time the enemy team will have electronics, throw in an emp grenade and take them all out. Thatcher is a good operator at this and has two great assault rifles and a pretty good shotgun. With two armor and two speed, you'll be decent operator
4. Montagne
Montagne can provide a great shield to cover your team. His weapons are bad and they both are pistols, but you'll win much more with him. His gadget is an extendable shield that can block almost half of your body.
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