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World of Warships
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#1 German Battleships. Bayern

Today's guide will be on World of Warships and how to play the mighty German Battle Ships.

*Disclaimer*The account in the Screenshots is my actual playing account so don't get confused with my Tester77 account...

So what do you need to know to be a successful Battle Ship player? Well there are certain rules you should always follow depending on the situations you and your ship find them selves in.
1.Never sail Broadside on to a enemy Battle Ship which has its guns pointed your way, this is a mistake i always see players make which results in them having their Citadel hit (the citadel is the superstructure of the ship if it gets hit and the shell penetrates it deal a huge amount of damage). To avoid this happening angle the front of your Battle ship towards the enemy honestly this is more of a universal rule as you are making your self a smaller target to hit.
2.If you notice a Destroyer or enemy Cruiser within a close range of your Battle ship begin turning away pronto as the chances of there being torpedoes in the water are very high. Battle Ships or any ship for the matter do not like torpedoes, So DON'T SAIL BROADSIDE ONTO TORPEDOES.
3. Just because you are in a battle ship and have big guns and a big health pool doesn't make you invincible, fact is Battle ships are blind as bats and can be seen from miles away not to mention the guns on most battle ships are in accurate meaning your shots will go in every direction possible so my tip Pray to RNGesus.
4.Broadsides if you have a shot at a enemy ships broadside don't fire HE ammunition (High Explosive) because the damage is so much worse than that of regular AP (armour piercing) yes HE can set fires but AP can easily go through the citadel dealing greater damage and even one shoting low armoured Cruisers which brings so much satisfaction. Unless however you are taking on a enemy battle ship and it is angled then proceed to use HE as AP will most likely Harmlessly bounce off.
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Now lets get back on track German Battleships.
Very good armour.
Very good high damage guns.
Amazing secondary batteries.
Surprisingly Manoeuvrable.
High rate of fire on the main battery guns.
Trash AA ratings so aircraft will just fly right past your ship and you will be lucky to take down one.
Bad concealment like all Battle ships.
Slow turret traverse.
Trash dispersion the guns are very much a dice roll on how well the Shells will disperse.

For this Example i am using the German tier VI Battleship Bayern which Entered service in 1916 and was the last Battleship of its series to be built under the Imperial German Navy. It mounts 4 turrets with 380mm guns that are quite fast firing it still surprises me how quickly these guns can fire. Reason why i am using the Bayern as an example is because the German Battleship line changes starting with the Bayern. All of the Battleships previous to this one in the tech tree have middle and side mounted turrets meaning there will always be a gun able to fire at a target. Now the Bayern is the first ship in the tree to have the generic mounted turrets which are located the front and rear of the ship. Now the game play stays the same you just have less guns firing but a lot better penetration and damage on the guns meaning if you manage to hit the chances of a citadel being struck are very high as the shells loop quite well. Remember to vary your speeds which is capable in this ship as it has decent acceleration meaning you can throw off the aim of enemy ships.
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So to conclude German Battleships and of course the Bayern. Well German Battleships are certainly forgiving for new players and i highly recommend them if you are both new and have some experience as German Battleships are super fun and can teach players a lot about the game, also because its a Battleship i mean common look at it. The Bayern is a beginning of what the Battleships in the German tree past tier VI are like they are rather manoeuvrable for a battle ship making them great for hyped torpedo avoiding moments.
So if you liked the review and want to see more leave like bellow and comment for more i am happy to do more content on World of Warships as i enjoy playing it. However don't expect any tire X content im not that good. So i may do the American Battleships next if that sounds appealing to you.

Hope you enjoyed.
Tester77 ((0)))
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