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World of Warships
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World of Warships a original game

World of Warships or WoW how many peoples say this game is all about warships if you can't read the title this game is a good competitive game made by some dedicated developers who work very hard for the players to get the best experience that they can ever get from a game like that regular updates,imediat bug fixes and things like that, a good community and a lot of players online at any hour so if you don't sleep at 5-6 am you can still find player to play against.
If you didn't know this game is only online with no story is a MMORPG that means that the world is open to explore without any obstacles.
If you have a lot of free time to spend on games this is a perfect game for you because its not always the same every time you play you need to use a new tactic depending of the enemies warships and of the country that were created on.
This game has a lot of warships from all the county that you can imagine even from China you have some from Germany some from USA even from URSS so you have a lot of choices.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
You can't really hide in this game because everything its happening on water so you don't have any hiding spots or things like that.
This game has a lot of things that you can do in it and you can unlock a lot of warships from all around the world.
This game is free too you can buy currency and with that you can support the developers and help them to continue with they ideas and add a lot of new content but you still play the game without paying anything its just if you want to pay if you are like me and don't like spending money on games (that's why you are on this site) you don't need to buy anything or spend any money you don't get a big advantage just getting rid of some hours lost in farming on money and experience so if you like competitive games and warships this game is perfect for you, you can always try it because its free you don't lose anything by playing it why won't you try it ? its free to play and its a well made game with good graphics and good gameplay if you played WoT than you should try this one too.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
I don't really know what to say anymore..this game is very good..well made it has a good community,good developers a constant player base and a lot of content that you can explore and dive in while you are playing so i say that you should need to try this game its free to play so you don't need to pay anything to try it i am sure 80% of you will like it (if someone is really reading this i made like 5-6 articles and no one is reading them so i hope this one will be popular) you get the best experience in this game by using headphones remember that you can't really hide in this game so if you are a hide and seek person in every game you can't really hide in this game cause is just open ocean you don't have any were to go is just water the matches are faster than you might think some of them can last up to 30 minutes but you can finish one in 10 minutes if you move fast enough and you hit everything you see like a crazy german :) no i am just kidding no offense :)
Yea so i recommend playing this game its a really good game.
Have fun !
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