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World of Warships
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World of Warships: Too realistic?

There are games which benefit from their realism, but is World of Warships one of them? Other games, like War Thunder, are fast paced, realistic simulations and get addicting fast, but in my opinion, World of Warships crossed the line.

I am in no way saying that World of Warships (or WOW for short) is a bad game, in fact, i love the game. I am just saying that there could be major benefits if the game cuts down on realism, or at least has an "unrealistic mode". In this review I will be stating my opinion on if WOW is too realistic and why, as well as suggesting improvements or modifications the game could have.

Firstly, what is WOW? World of Warships is a realistic simulation game of naval battle, with many different tiers and styles of ships. You can slightly modify your ship to improve it, ultimately getting advantages against your opponents.
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I personally believe that WOW should cut down the aspect of realism as the game is way too slow paced. When you first begin, the game will take a long, long time to progress, and when you make it into higher tiers, it only gets slower. The game isn't living to its full potential at the state that its in, and it could use some major improvements.

Although I believe WOW is too realistic when it comes to time and length of games, I believe it could use more realistic damage updates. This game could get much better if each part of the ship had it's own purpose, and depending on what gets shot, and at what angle, the ship could get damaged in different ways.

Other than these two complaints, the game is perfect for me. It is the best representation of naval warfare I've ever found and played, and it only gets better when it's free.
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I will now start naming improvements I would like to see in the game.

1: An "unrealistic mode". I think that the developers of World of Warships should really invest the time to make a mode which is extremely simple when it comes to damage, and gives the ships a speed and damage boost. This would appeal to the more casual players.

2: Make maps smaller. Due to the simulation genre of the game, the ships must be slow. The easiest way to counter this is to make the maps just a little bit smaller. Doing this will also allow more people to run the game with a solid FPS.

3: Add more personalized customization. Although this breaks away from the realism aspect of the game, I think the developers should incorporate more rewards in the form of paint jobs. This will give a bigger ultimate goal to the game.

Thanks for reading my review, I hope it helped!
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Author Mushman123
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