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Best Free Racing Games

Best Free Racing Games

For those players who prefer the outdoors and are desperate to get behind the wheel of a car, the racing genre is the best choice. These games provide players with the thrill of speeding and racing their vehicles against other players, as well as the excitement of the race. These games require players to play at their best: high reaction times and high speeds are required by the games for there to be competition.

Racing games can be one of two types: arcade style or simulations. Simulations require players to follow the rules of driving in the real world, including slowing down to tur and using indicators while changing lanes. Arcade games are more fun; they allow players to gain momentum by over speeding.

One of the most popular racing gamesis Victory: the age of racing. The game did not get off to a good start but evolved slowly to emerge into one of the most interactive games in the arcing genre. The game focuses on categories, a little bit simulation and a little bit arcade to provide fans of both genres with their gaming fix.

Another free racing game that is constantly increasing in popularity is Track Mania. This game is totally arcade, allowing the players to zip through loops and tracks and perform stunts in the air as they race towards their goal. Other games such as Racer and Need for Speed act as simulations, providing first and third person views into the racing game world.