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Best racing games

Best racing games

For sports fans, racing games are a big part of the gaming community. Those who care for them will know that racing isn’t simply a game, it’s a feeling. The feeling that is associated with flying and taking control of something is one that is associated with racing, and gamers of the racing genre know how good that feeling can get.

Since the gaming world contains both racing simulation games and high functioning arcade games to parody racing games, the category is jam packed with options for racing fans to enjoy. While all games may vary in experience and the level of challenge they present to their players, only those which can provide a diverse and enticing environment make it to the best racing games list. For a game to be popular, it has to merge a combination of difficulty, interest and enjoyment in one package.

There are quite a few racing games that certainly fill those criteria. Some have been called some of the most immersive racing games to date, with their intense detail and well-featured collection of vehicles. They usually offer practice sessions and technical training before launching the players into the racing arena against other players.

The game currently free-to-play at Bananatic that makes it to the best racing games list is Grand Prix Racing Online. The game puts you just as much into the role of a manager and contains vehicles that reach incredible speeds. The track is split across three locations, and with its powerful editor, the number of levels are endless.