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Best sci-fi games

Best Sci-Fi games

Sci-Fi has always been a medium for escape from the real world and so is gaming. Together, they combine to form a mesmerising alternative reality that allows the players to escape into another dimension away from the cares and worries of this world. With the multiple universes carrying hordes of amazing, enchanting characters that these games carry, it is hardly a surprise that the Sci-Fi genre is popular within the gaming world.

The best Sci-Fi games contain a hint of human among all the alien: be it humanoid characters or aliens invading earth, Sci-Fi games always keep the player grounded to the human roots so that the player can sense realism while escaping into a make believe world. Games of the Sci-Fi genre gain popularity based on their story, the intimacy between the character and the environment and the development of the character.

Another common feature shared by the Sci-Fi genre of games is that almost all of these games are MMORPGs. Majority of the games allow for players to interact with each other within the game and create teams or find opponents to fight the challenges

One of the best Sci-Fi games at Bananatic is Star Trek Online. The game enables commanding gameplay and has since been making waves in the gaming world. Another popular game that makes it to the list is the Dark Orbit, a space-based MMORPG playable in your browser. It is based on PvP action featuring a small group of safe areas, with the rest of the galaxy being as explosive as it is dangerous. You are given the mission of working your way up your company’s ladder and conquering other galaxies.