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MMORPG, or massively multiplayer Online Role Playing Games are games that allow a large number of players to interact with each other in real time within a virtual world. These games are usually video games, with intricate story lines and a large number of characters and settings that continue to undergo changes and updates while the player is offline.

Such games often adhere to a certain storyline, where players assume the role of characters within the stories and take control of that character’s identity within the game world. The characters then have to battle and take up challenges against AI characters as well as opponents from the real world. The game then progresses according to the series of quests and missions planned out about the story line.

For those who cannot afford to buy expensive MMORPG game need not despair, the internet is filled with a variety of free MMORPG that span several genres and settings. These online MMORPG games range from several player games to single player vs. single player as well as solo mission games. The players can access these games easily and play at their leisure.

The easiest way to access a free MMORPG is to search up websites that have them on offer. Several websites exist like Bananatic that not only allow users free access to RP games but also do so without any hassle involving registration. Players can play popular and free MMORPG on websites such as, as well as on the game website itself. Games such as Wartune, Blade and Soul and Black Desert Online have their websites – and then there are the games that can be downloaded on smartphones which make them accessible offline.