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Games Currency

Games Currency



All games have a currency system within them that allows them to reward the players for their achievements and motivate them to keep playing. Thus, most games develop their currency systems that hold different values and meanings in the gaming world.

The currency system can comprise of anything from a replica of real world currency to a fantasy system comprising of jewels and magical stones to simple fruit. The type and value of the currency within the game depends on the genre and the setting of the game. For example, Pacman rewards its players by providing an array of fruits which they have to get to, while GTA features a real life system of money.


The method of attaining currency during gameplay also varies from game to game. Some games allow players the benefit of currency when they reach a milestone within the game, such as finishing a fight or completing a level or can be made available for the player to collect as they play such as in exercise or strategy games.


Players can then use this currency at the game shop, to purchase updates, equipment and abilities or can be collected to gain a place on the leaderboard.  The currency system can also replace the real life system, and the money earned within the game can be used to buy something valued in the real world provided that option is available. Some games allow the players to exchange the currency they collect within the game for real world currency.


By completing in-game Quests on Bananatic, which are mini challenges whereby users must complete levels of popular games or achieve certain in-game goals, users are rewarded with bananas.


These are essentially free graphical bananas but once the task has been verified as complete, can then be exchanged for prizes such as real currency, game ‘skins’, gift cards on Amazon and Steam, music cards and others.