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The best free family games

The best free family games

While most of the games within the gaming world focus on solo players interacting with the online community, there are some that allow groups of people together in real time playing with each other in the virtual world too. Family games are safe and fun filled, suitable for gameplay for all ages. These games are based on trivia and strategy and contain harmless hours of fun that can be enjoyed as a unit by all ages and genders simultaneously.

Taking one for the kids, Rayman Legends allow little children to take part in video games along with their parents. The game features interesting graphics and a grasping storyline for young minds to follow easily. While the game is old, it fulfills the purpose quite well and allows the players to swap roles between lead and secondary characters.

Lego Marvel: Superheroes is a game that attracts all ages of players. Who doesn't like superheroes? The game has all the features of a regular video game- hundreds of characters, multiplayer levels, immersive storylines and challenges full of secrets and clean humor.

SimCity is a game that allows players to take control of a whole town of characters. The game is a simulation and allows players to live the lives of each character. Build a population, create societies and live lives of characters within the virtual world.