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The best free games sci-fi

Best free sci-fi games

Sci-fi gaming has always been a medium for escape from the real world, much like fantasy and role playing games. Sci-fi games are a genre that combines multiple other categories to create an alternate reality that allows the users to escape into the virtual world away from the cares of this world. The genre consists of multiple universes, hundreds of characters and enchanting storylines.


One of the best sci-fi games of all time, Star Trek Online is a game that brings the well-loved franchise to life. The game is a 3D MMORPG that allows players to enter the starship world and commandeer their personal spaceship. The players assume the roles of Captain and play the game through the various levels that are presented to voyage through space.


Warfare is a free to pay sci-fi shooter game that allows players to enter a dimension separate from our own. Players are challenged with the task of mastering the warframe to defeat enemies and win against the evil forces. The game is a third-person shooter game and is played in player vs. environment mode.


Atlas Reactor is a turn-based strategy game that requires all the wit and planning a player can muster. The game is an MOBA that allows players to play in teams of 4 against other players. The game requires players to anticipate their opponent's moves, while simultaneously thinking up new positions and strategies for their characters. The game provides a challenging atmosphere that is sure to hook any serious gamer.