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world of tanks how to get gold


World of Tanks is a free-to-play combat game that is developed and published by Wargaming. The game was launched to audiences in 2010 and soon became available worldwide given its popularity. Now available to players on a variety of platforms, the game can either be downloaded for free or accessed as a premium package for a small price of either real world currency or in-game gold. One of the biggest questions in the world of tanks is how to get gold.

The game is set in a warzone, with players being given the control over a vehicle of their choice before being placed at a random point in the arena. Players are given the freedom to customise their vehicles according to choice, and can upgrade their weapons as they advance in the game. By taking part in challenges and missions, players can get gold and game points.

World of Tanks offers an easy solution to the problem of how to get gold. Players can either purchase the in-game currency or can earn it for free.  To get gold free, players have to take part in challenges and win contests. Otherwise, the game shop allows players to purchase the amount of gold they want for real currency.

Once the player has their desired amount of gold, they can then purchase upgrades for vehicles and weapons, buy premium accounts and add-ons as well as game points.

It can also be earned for free on other third-party sites that increase the availability of World of Tanks gold and help promote the game. Bananatic is one such and allows users who are registered there to earn bananas by winning at other games, trying stuff out and inviting others. Once enough bananas are won they can be exchanged for free WoT gold with this attractive solution to helping gamers out and giving them a leg-up in games like World of Tanks.