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Big Farm is for Little Kids

I have been playing Big Farm recently in order to complete quests , but honestly I do not think it is worth the points, and here is my opinion of it. The game is basically like managing a farm online and requires you to fertilize, plant, and sow crops continuously. This game leaves you tethered to your computer because it requires players to repeatedly check their farms for collecting crops and growing more plants. This process may be fun for kids, but for me, I hate waiting for things to be completed, especially with the amount of components that need to be replenished every half hour. I have to replenish each of my fields at different times as well as tend to my pets and make fertilizer at separate times. If you don't continuously check, this the process of leveling up slow and inefficient.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The graphics in this game are very cartoonish but oddly somehow very satisfying, especially if you are picking up crops and collection money. The animations it makes, gives you a satisfying feeling.There are alot of missions on the side guiding you in the direction of the game, but sometimes they come too fast and you end up having 10 missions at once. This makes it very hard to focus on completing one mission, I wish they would organize these goals better. There are also a separate kind of missions, which is where you compete against other online players to complete a task. Whoever wins by the time limit gets rewarded. I like this detail of the game, as it incorporates competitive multiplayer onto your private farm. And, as expected, there are also alliances you can join in order to make friends and work together to improve each others farms.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In this game, the rate of leveling up is painfully slow, especially if you don't check your computer 24/7. It took me numerous hours of waiting just to reach level 10. If you really want to get to a higher level, it will most likely take you years to complete. The browser game is very laggy, since there are so many animated details. This makes the game very annoying to play and enjoy. However, once you do obtain that higher level, you may find it fun to organize your crops and collect all the food. The way they let you create your farm makes it very satisfying. On the flip side however, once you've played for long enough, you might find it annoying to collect all those crops and fertilizers everyday.

Overall, I think this kind of mindless farming game appeals to younger audiences because of the concept of actually managing something.
5.0 (1)
Author bokbokchoy
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