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League of Legends
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My experience and opinion in the summoner's crack

This is my experience in the league of legends.

Well, I've been in league of legends for almost 2 years now and can say that my experience in the game has been mostly good (leaving aside the toxicity within the community.) I started in the League of legends on the recommendation of a friend, at the beginning I had already heard about the game and its "toxic" community, but he insisted and well I decided to venture inside the caller's crack.It was normal at the beginning (if you had not played a MOBA before) it was difficult for me to control the controls and I did not control the camera well, I missed the skill shots, I went 1 vs 5, but it was normal for anyone who has no experience in this kind of games, it was my first time playing a MOBA, in my first games of learning I remember that what cost me more was to correctly place the fingers on the keys of the skills, since every time I had to press one of the keys to activate the skill I ended up giving to another that was not and therefore It bothered me a lot.

Another thing that cost me to learn was farmeo since I found it difficult to calculate the moment in which the subject died and eventually I generated great problem, but once you learn it fairly well is very satisfying and makes you value more sometimes than if death is more important to the enemy or farmeo.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

One piece of advice that I would give you if you are going to start the game is to try to master the best that Farming can do and how to play your opponent, since in the long run it generates a great advantage and the improvement is noticeable in a person who knows how to farm well. and another that makes it fatal. Something I did not understand at the beginning is that the league of legends is a team game, I mean if one of your allies goes badly it will affect the rest in one way or another, and believe me that at the beginning it will become frequent for people who play badly for pleasure or simply lack improvement, but do not be surprised of this because it is very common to happen in league of legends.

Already when I had a decent improvement came the season of rankeds, something new for me and certainly quite entertaining; Start my positioning games and after finishing them they put me in Silver V at that time I said in my head "good not so bad", it was a long season of rankeds, I played a lot in that season but every effort, defeat and victory gave their fruits, finally after so much I came to Gold V I was very happy at that time I will not lie to you, my first season and in gold just beautiful. For the second season I reduced my consistency in the game, from playing about 5 hours a day to playing 1 hour at most, there were even weeks when I did not play a single game. That led me to lower my MMR (ranked score) and at the time of doing the positioning games again be in silver V and then in my mind I said "here we go again", but it did not happen as my level of game had come down along with my time to play, I tried to play but either I lost points or I just did not play, and almost at the end of the season I recovered that record I had in the previous season and with luck I was able to climb to IV. high "to something lower.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Currently in this season I learned that it is important to play in duo so I told my friend that we will play together, but since we currently have little time to play, we have not played the positioning games. I hope in this season to return to the precious gold.

Well before ending I would like to make it clear that the league of legends consumes a lot of time, because when you understand almost 100 the game becomes very addictive, I would recommend that if they are people who do not have much time either for work or studies do not play it because the only thing they will do is get angry with the game when they can not improve and lose one game after another, and besides that it is "common" to find people who, although they are from low, take the game very seriously and They will end up insulting them or even reporting them.

In conclusion I can say that league of legends in a very good game both in gameplay and in the environment (even better with friends), in these almost 2 years that I have the only game that I would complain about is the community that sometimes is too toxic, this is the main problem that league of legends has although it is also quite obvious since the game is very competitive, but I think that riot could do something to solve these toxicity on the part of the users, since it is very common to find people who play badly and insult you because you tell them or even reach the point of disconnecting and leaving the game; This is one of the most frequent things in the game to see in the chat that they insult each other or blame others for their bad actions within the game. League of Legends is a good game that has been maintained for years at the top and continues to do so, but the biggest and biggest problem it has is its community, and even the attitude of some players within the game. Of there little more than to criticize him, if they are not sure of playing it, I tell them to do it if they like competitiveness and Esports, since the competitive profession of the game is one of their strengths. If they decide to venture into the game all they need is time and perseverance so they will notice a good improvement in their level of play, since as I mentioned before the league of legends consumes a lot of your time; without anything else to say I recommend them if they love competitiveness and have plenty of free time greetings and have a good day.

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