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League of Legends
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My points of views about League of Legends

League of legends, although a lot of its players seem to think the game itself is "dying", but in 2018 it had about 80 million monthly players, the largest in the world, so it is rather unlikely this game will be going down anytime soon. In my experience, most players are kind, delightful and have a very amusing sense of humor, however in the Ranked game mode players are a bit more aggressive due to them wanting to win so eagerly. There are certain special game modes which come at different times of the year, where play could be more frustrated or more loving, which of course depends on which game mode it is. The game is completely free and doesn't require in-game purchases to be able to be outstanding at the game, though it does require a lot of patience and time to master the game. The game have different ranks that you gain by winning Ranked games (a game mode) to gain points called "LP" when you reach a 100 LP, you will be giving 3-5 (depends on the rank you are moving to) trials in which you need to win 2-3 of the games to able to advance to the next rank, the system is kind of annoying sometimes by giving too little LP for like a 1 hour game.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Now to the gameplay, which is actually pretty simple 3 lanes and a jungle, destroy the enemy base to win, you get many different characters to choose from ( 145 as of April 30 2019). characters are classified different roles being Tank, which are the meat shields of the team and absorb incoming damage, mage, which deals mostly magic damage, marksman, which usually relies on dealing damage from basic attacks not abilities and a jungle goes in the jungle and help any of the 3 lanes in need of help in a process called "ganking", then there are items that each champion you choose needs different set of items, however the game never forces you to go any specific set of items as it is always fun to try new sets of items with different characters. the sets of items are commonly called "builds". For example a marksman would usually go with a build with high attack damage, critical strike and attack speed, while a mage would rather buy items with high ability power, mana (champion's stamina) and mana regeneration, tanks should get high health, armor and magic resistant items and junglers could be any champions, but preferably someone that can immobilize the enemy.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Lastly, Riot Games (The game's creators) do really care for the game and keep frequent updates with community by continuously releasing champions, cool events, bloopers, skins for champions (which there is a lot of) and characters lore. The game, in my opinion, is very exhausting and time consuming to master, but fun when you actually play for fun, and not for winning. My only problems with the game is that some items seems to be a little overpowered, ranking system, and some certain player from the community, other than that the game is very much enjoyable and addicting. I definitely recommend the game to any gamer who adores MOBA games and strategical games. Finally I hope my review was all right and obliging to everyone who read it, and thanks for spending the time to read my review about league of legends if you have any inquires about the game you can visit the game's site at and even make an account and download the game :).



4.5 (2)
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