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League of Legends
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My Review on League of Legends

I have had League of Legends for nearly 2 years now but only actually started playing around mid-2016 because I wasn't interested at the time. Ever since then, I have loved the game. I'm not hugely competitive and play for fun but have played ranked at times and it is good. The game is fun, addictive and good to play with friends.

I main Support and Mid in ranked games but in normal I play any position (avoiding ADC as much as I can) as it gives me a chance to try out and level up champs

There are many gamemodes. The default ones are as follows:
Summoner's Rift:
This is the most popular map in the game for 5v5s
Normal Blind Pick - You get to play any champs (no bans) but have to call your role in the chat quickly before someone else takes it
Normal Draft Pick - Ideally for those who want to get used to ranked or just prefer it over ranked. It follows the same format as ranked but there is no ranked ladder. You lock in a secondary and primary role or fill and you get a chance to ban a champion in the starting up.
Ranked Solo/Duo - If you play normal draft pick, this is ideally the same procedure in the loading screen (bans, roles etc.) but only for one person or a duo partner. No parties of 3,4 or 5 in this gamemode. This follows a ranked ladder (SoloQ)
Ranked Flex 5v5 - Before known as the dynamic queue, this also follows the same format as solo/duo but ideally for those in parties of 3 or 5 with parties of 4 being disabled.
Twisted Treelines:
This is a different map for 3v3 that contains:
Ranked Flex 3v3
Co-Op Vs AI
Normal Blind/draft pick

Howling Abyss:
This is the map for a gamemode called ARAM.

Occasionally there are rotating gamemodes and seasonal ones. Most popular ones are URF (ARUF), Blood Moon and at the moment Star Guardian.

Right here is me after a game on one of the champs a few months ago for the first time (ARAM). As you can see, she is quite easy to play and if played properly can get you the high ranks of S-,S or S+ which leads to higher masteries and the first S- or higher would be a chest.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The gifting system is also a unique way for you to receive skins as well as sending skins to your friends for a minimum of 490RP as shown here of me receiving a random skin chest from a friend for the first time. This was a good skin for a champ that I main so it was appreciated well :).

There are also some free skins that you can get for champions through social media but there are only 3.
They are:
Riot Girl Tristana
Unchained Alistar
Dreadknight Garen.

Skins are also on sale everytime with every patch introducing new skins for sale. Sometimes skins are used in special gamemodes (ONLY for the gamemode) such as the one including Dark Star Thresh.

I myself have some skins for champions that I play a lot or just got through the Hextech chests, loot but sometimes I play without the skins because the defaults are actually good in some champions.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Overall I highly recommend this game to those who enjoy competitive plays or for casual players who just play for fun in their free time solo or with friends. It has queues for those who want to solo or those who want to play together as a premade.

I personally like playing this game with my friends and do occasionally play ranked so I can get the ranked rewards.
Ranked rewards vary each season but here is what does tend to happen:
Summoner Icons varying on your league and division.
Banners around your profile to indicate league.
Summoner Wards in some leagues.
Victorious Skin for the season from Gold and higher
Merchandise like jackets for Challenger.

However, as stated before, I'm not competitive that much and only play for fun with friends and sometimes solo just to try out new champs or builds.

This concludes my review and if you want to add me up:
My IGN (EUW): BDON33 (Level 30) (Bronze 2 Solo/Duo) (Silver 4 Flex 5v5) (Unranked Flex 3v3)
3.0 (3)
Author Bossman6921
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