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Clash of Clans review

Clash of Clans launched in 2012 and is quite popular still today. Clash of Clans is a strategy game where you build a village, attack others and defend your village. Clash of Clans was really popular back in 2012-2015 and was played by a lot of people and some celebrities. Clash of Clans is still quite popular and I enjoy the game my self. You start the game with only a couple of buildings that are lvl 1. When you start playing the game it takes almost no time to get far. You can get pretty far without playing a lot. After you have played for a week you have probably joined a clan and met a lot of new people. The game also has an amazing break time after you have played for a lot and your base needs to be attacked. The game is designed to be impossible to beat. Clash of Clans is complicated and you need to find the best troops to use. There are a lot of different troops and you can upgrade them. The game also has some cool heroes like Queen, King, Warden, Royal Champion. There is 2 bases and there will probably be more in the future.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

In Clash of Clans you can either make clan or join a clan. A clan is almost like a group playing clash of clans together. And in the clan you can meet new people do clan wars and help your clan mates. Clash of clans has a lot of special game modes for clans. Clans are important and if your clan is a certain level you can get your troops and other stuff get upgraded when donating to clan mates. Clash of clans has more then 1000000 clans. With clans you can explore the game get help and meet people at you skill level. Everyone in your clan can help you so it’s better to join a big active clan. Clans can also be donating clans. Donating clans are when your clan mates and you decide to help other people by donating to everyone who join the clan. Clans has a certain level you can be a member , senior, co leader and a leader. When your a member you can’t do anything else than donate. If your senior you can kick a member every 20 minutes and donate. If your co leader you can kick senior and member and donate. If your leader you can do anything.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Clash of Clans have usual updates and update a lot to make the game better. The town-hall is the main building and the most important building if you destroy it you get a star. You used to only be able to upgrade the townhall to lvl 10 and now it’s 14. The game takes a long time to play. When you get your town hall to lvl 7 it’s starts getting longer and longer. At town hall 8 it usually takes around 3-4 months to complete the town hall. For every townhall it also gets harder when attacking since you get more troops. On townhall 9 it takes 6-7 months to finish if not always building on everything. Clash of clans was made by Supercell who is an finish company who makes games. The company supercell is really popular and has made the game clash royale, clash of clans and also clash mini. Personally I think that you should give clash of clans a try if you can it’s great. It’s a great game and effort kids adults and everyone from the age 7-97. Clash of clans usually puts a new townhall in the game every 1 year and this year it’s going to be

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