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Building a home that's right for you

Have you ever been playing minecraft and just wandered for ages? not because you wanted to, but because you can't find a good place to build your home base/house at?

then this guide may help with finding the biome that's right for you. Ok. to start off take a look around the room your computer is in. or whatever your playing minecraft on.

now ask yourself, "do I like how this room is laid out?" if you do like the way the room is then there is a good chance that you will like the same sort of setup in minecraft.

if its really tight and everything is close together then try a cave house. or dig one into the side of the mountain.

if its really wide and spacious then go for an open plain or desert.

don't take any of this as a order or anything. you may want the exact opposite for a nice change of pace.

you may also want something a little out of the ordinary. for example you might love the look of the grass in a jungle biome but find the huge tree's there make it way to cramped.

in that case terraform the land so that its right for you. if you don't care about the preserving the land at all just grab a flint and steel and torch the place.

if you do care about preserving some of it though cut down 1 or 3 jungle tree's and collect their saplings. then torch the place.

(I admit I might be a bit of a pyromaniac in video games but this really is the best way to remove the tree's.)

and if your struggling to cut down a whole jungle tree as they are MASSIVE then try my tactic. first use something easy to get like stone or dirt to build your way all the way up to the top of the tree.

Next remove all the wood that is connected to the leaves. this will make sure all of the leaves decay and in turn drop saplings.

if you don't care about the wood from the jungle tree then just hop back on your pillar and mine it away. the left over tree can be torched later.
(Now I know im a pyromaniac for sure.)

if you care about the wood just chop it while getting rid of your pole.
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Wow. I talked about jungles for way longer then I intended. anyway next im going to talk about cave homes and cliff homes. if your not feeling like living in a cramped place though skip ahead to the last part. I'll cover open plains and deserts there.

So one of the main problems I have in my cave/cliff homes are the noises of zombies and skeletons that come from the nearby caves.

there are a number of ways to fix this though. The simplest but not the most practical is just to turn the sound off. granted this will remove everything including the swing of your pickaxe or your footsteps.

this silence can be kind of unsettling to some people though. also you won't be able to hear the tell-tale hiss of creepers being ready to explode when they sneak up on you. but if your the type of person who is ok with complete silence and also ok with truning their sound back on when they leave their home this might be the method for you.

the next way to fix the noise problems are hunt them. literally. first find out were it is coming from then kill everything that's making the noise. and lastly place torches everywhere so nothing else spawns.

and if torches aren't working and the space the enemies spawned in isn't to big then just plug it all up with dirt.

if your patient enough and have a good podcast or album to listen to then this might even work on really large caves or caverns. its juts going to take ages. Oh! and before you plug these places up make sure to mine it out of anything useful.

Now if you did all this and you still don't like the look of your home try changing the type of stone. stone brick could be the one for you. or just normal stone if your using cobblestone. (I'll leave the crafting recipe for stone brick in the picture above.)

stone or stone brick can be a hassle to make though as you have to smelt stone. my advice is either build a huge smelting room and do other stuff while it cooks or get a pickaxe with the smelting enchantment.
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And here you are about the last types of homes im covering. really open homes. first off is a home on the plains. this is really easy to set up if you want to just build a nice wood house or stone watch tower.

if there are no tree's nearby just go find some and bring back a few saplings. Naturally though you will want something to keep the creepers and zombies ouside at night though. because who wants to stay indoors every night? (I certainly don't. were is the fun in that) so i recomend building a very large stone wall around your home.

go look up images of old Irish fiefs or whiterun form the Elder scrolls 5 skyrim if you want inspiration.

and if you think torches everywhere on the floor to provide light look ugly then try my budget lamp post. first place 2 to 3 fence pieces on top of each other followed by a wood block then. place as many torches as you want on it. (Im including my budget lamp post in the picture above so you know what it looks like.) and if you have been to the nether and have glowstone then you can build proper lamp posts.

you can even turn these off/on.

alright I'll cover deserts now and then the guide will be done. The first thing I found out about deserts is that they have nearly no wood.(but plenty of cacti.) So to fix this just bring some saplings over.

if they are not really fitting the theme then build an oasis. find or build a lake, then place some dirt and add a fence to protect from creepers. lastly add some jungle tree's so it looks like palm tree's.

another thing I found when building in deserts is how annoying sand can be. it constantly falls down when you build with it and can't be used horizontally.(sideways.) to get around this either build with sandstone or support your sand with sandstone.

well that was the guide. I hope you enjoyed reading it, because I sure enjoyed writing it.

I'm probably going to make something similar soon about idea's of what to build in minecraft. so stay tuned.
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