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Conquering Minecraft PvP 101

In Minecraft, here on Bananatic, there's things you can do, from building, to farming, to fishing, to dying, but the most fun and challenging of them all, is pvping. First, make sure you are properly equipped with a weapon. This can range from axes, to swords, to bows, and very rarely, only lava itself. Second, make sure you have enough armor to win. You can always try beating someone with a lower grade armor, but it won't necessarily be very beneficial to you if you fight with sub par armor. Third, make sure you warm up your hands before pvping. In many cases if you do not do this, your hands may be vigorously trying to place itself correctly on your keyboard. Even a small mistake on your movement can cause you to lose the fight. Lastly, mentally prepare yourself, and always be aware of players around you that may be looking for a sneaky clean up.
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Now that you've prepared yourself, its time to take on the big challenge of learning how to pvp. There are basic minecraft mechanics that you need to know by heart to better your chance at winning the fight. Firstly, you must remember that critical strikes occur when you land after a jump. This is why pvpers often jump before they attack and even during the fight. Secondly, when falling from a great height, if you have a water bucket, you are able to place the water bucket on the ground before you land. This will negate any fall damage you receive. Lastly, you knock a player back further when they are in the air, compared to when they are on the ground. This is especially useful in countering critical strikes. You also need to train yourself to strafe while fighting. Strafing is when you move in a certain direction in order to dodge or kite someone's attack. When pvping, I will often strafe right, then once i've realized my opponent has caught on with the direction I'm moving in, I will strafe right, and etc.
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Finally, if you've done all the above steps and your opponent is still very healthy, it may be time to turn back and fight another day. There are many ways to escape based on the scenario you are in, but the most common is to put enough obstacles in your opponent's way so that it will make it extremely difficult to reach you. Hopefully, the player will eventually give up. When running and jumping, you are able to place a block underneath you. You can jump from this block and then place another block, and so on. This is great for escapes once you've mastered the technique. Be warned though, pro pvpers are more than likely able to jump on these blocks and follow you. When retreating, your job is not to sprint as far as could, but to give yourself enough time to be able to do a command, such as /spawn, or /warp (warp name). Many servers will have these commands, and many of them will have a 3-10 second timer before the command is executed through the server, so be sure you've distanced yourself far enough from your opponent. Hopefully these tips helped you and maybe won you a fight or two.
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