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How to make a farm in minecraft

One way to get food in Minecraft with out having to find lots of mods and killing them is to make a farm near your house. You can farm things like wheat, pumpkins, melons, potatoes, and carrots. It's best to make farms outside, you can make them underground but it easier to start them to make them outside where they can get sunlight. To start off you have to make a farming hoe. This will let you till the ground so you can plant seeds into it. The seeds can be found by chopping grass, crafting them and sometimes you can even find potatoes and carrots on zombies that you kill. Before you plant the seeds, make sure that there is a water source close to them. The tilled land will turn a dark brown to let you know that it is getting water. This will make sure the crops grow faster and don't die.
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Once you plant your seeds you have to wait for the crops to grow. This can take a while. One way to speed up this process it to use bone meal which is crafted when you put one bone in a crafting table. If you right click with bone meal on seeds they will grow. When growing pumpkins and watermelons you have to give one block space for the melon and pumpkin blocks to form. Once you start growing things, the finished crop will give you both the crop itself and more seeds so you can continue to farm more of it. You can cook potatoes for more food, and you have to make wheat into bread to eat it. Pumpkins can be made into pumpkin pie or just left as a block. Melons and carrots can't be changed to get more food out of them. You can make golden carrots but they are for brewing and not eating. Once you get crops set up you may want to get animals into a farm too.
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To get animals in a farm first you'll want a contained space for them to stay in. The picture above is a good example. You'll want to use fences or two blocks so the animals can't escape. Once you have these places built you need to get the animals. You can get spawn eggs from dungeons or find animals and lure them in with a lead or food that you get from farming. Pigs follow carrots, Chickens follow seeds, sheep and cows follow wheat. You only need 2 animals to start a farm because after you have to you can get wheat and right click on them to breed them. You can keep breeding and kill them as you need just be sure to have at least two of each animal to repopulate after you're done killing the animals you need to. This is how you make a farm in Minecraft, there are more complicated ways to do it but these are the basics that will start you off.
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