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Minecraft (All Windows Versions)

Firstly I'd like to say that the name of the new team developing Minecraft (Microsoft) should be called Mincrosoft instead. Just as a bit of fun and humor and I might just refer to the company as such :P.

Joking aside, my review is mostly on the new direction the game has taken (mostly because of the new owners :) ). Microsoft have done some great things for the minecraft universe. Like when they added horses to the game, that was a great help to any explorer who wanted to get around the map pretty quickly. Not to mention they are just a great animal to have in Minecraft. They make it feel more like real life and add some more diversity to the world of animals. Speaking of diversity, the rabbits are quite cute and add even more diversity to the animal kingdom. Rabbits together with the horses make different areas feel more alive and living (like when they added bats).
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The team at Minecrosoft have also been working hard on their new virtual reality minecraft with the Hololens. THAT looks exciting! Who knows what they will do with that in the years to come?!

If we all asked enough I think we could maybe even get guns into the game! (if that is even possible) That would be amazing if they could make that a reality. But thinking ahead...

The new Minecraft Windows 10 Edition in my humble opinion... is ok, but I think it will get much better when they put in all the features the java edition has. So in the meantime the windows 10 Edition is good for joining players on other platforms, like android and Xbox. That's a huge advantage if you want to get together with mates who all have different devices. Think of the possibilities. But, to the detriment of Minecrosoft, they will only allow up to 4 players to play together locally. Which brings me to my next point.
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Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, like I said before, only lets you play with up to 4 players multiplayer locally if you don't have Realms. So to play with more people online you must pay a monthly subscription for Minecraft Realms! And to make it worse, you can only have a maximum of 10 players on one server! That's just unfair, paying for a service that only gives you a measly 6 extra player slots! If you want to check this for your self see here:

I think that, instead of 4 players being standard and 10 players being for premium, they should give 10 player slots for standard/free and unlimited player slots for premium/Realms users. It's too restrictive on the people playing the game.

In summary, I think the Windows 10 Edition is great but still needs a lot of work to come close to all the features the java edition has. So I will sill be playing the java version most of the time until they add new features, but I will still occasionally play the 10 Edition just because it runs smoother and looks better. Like my review, if you agree.
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Author Durgen
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