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Minecraft : Game Review

Minecraft is a very creative and imaginative game as it shows a lot of detail when creating huge structures and it really shows how creative and time consuming the game can be. The game is better to be played with friends than alone as it helps with your happiness and the game becomes more adventurous. When playing with friends you can build amazing structures or houses especially in creative mode where all of the blocks in the game are available for your unlimited use to build amazing things or battle with your friends in epic god gear. You can go all out on creativity as anything goes in this game and you can play with people or by yourself. The game itself has quest book where it stores everything you have done in the game such as getting wood or pressing E to open your inventory in the game.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game can also give people the opportunity to share their structures in online game modes such as build battle, solo or team. There are many more game modes such as sky wars, bed wars, egg wars and sky block but I prefer build battle because you create a structure based on a certain theme. You can also play mini-games online like murder or UHC games (Ultra Hard Core) like PVP between yourself and another player. The game can be switched to peaceful mode on single-player to avoid the harassment of any hostile mobs such as zombies or skeletons (have bows and arrows). Another game mode online is prisons where you mine blocks and need to upgrade your tool so you get to a higher level and beat the other players and be above them all. Hunger games is a game mode in which the players stand in a circle and when the game starts they have to rush to the chests and get loot and the last man standing wins.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game can also give people the opportunity to create adventure maps with quests to complete. Some developers of adventure maps have created something called captive minecraft which is the best example of this game mode as you are in a 2x2 space with a border and by completing quests it expands and more items and space is available. The game itself is also adventurous as you have a quest book in your options and it shows what you have completed and the ultimate goal of single-player is to kill the ender dragon which is the boss in the game. The achievements can be as simple as opening your inventory or getting wood. The achievements are on a wide scale as it goes from opening your inventory to killing the ender dragon and in between all of this the primary quests could have secondary quests.
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Author Kamilian05
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