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Minecraft Mods - Technic Launcher (Mods saved Minecraft for me, making the Minecraft variety more complex and more FUN)!

I have been playing Minecraft for 4 to 5 years (closer to 4) and have been playing vanilla Minecraft for 3-4 years (closer to 3 and a half) and loved the game until I started to get bullied for playing, so I left Minecraft for just under a month.
Anyway, after that, I got bored of playing vanilla Minecraft after 3 years, and so a friend told me about another launcher Technic Launcher (technic.jar) which I could download tens of thousands of mods, and I finally got a LAN server working, because it never worked on 1.10+ for me, so I get 'The EMC Pack' (ProjectE, Archimedes, Orespawn, Morph Mod, TConstruct and other amazing mods), it will only work on 1.7.10 but I got a LAN server working for me and my sister. To help you with Minecraft though W to move forward, A to strife left, S to reverse backwards, and D to strife right, after that you can jump with space, break or attack by holding or tapping button 1, and place or block by tapping or holding button 2.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Minecraft is an amazing game playable on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac/Windows, Tablet/Android/iPad/Samsung, Bluestacks and Phone.
Currently I play Minecraft on Tablet/iPad/Android/Samsung, PC and Xbox 1 and I highly recommend playing on any of those consoles, and if you have them all, I would play Minecraft on every console I can, because Minecraft is a great game, which shouldn't be shunned by other idiots who believe that they own the world because of how 'popular' they are. Modded Minecraft cannot be played on Xbox One I believe, but you can still get texture packs and resource packs, but that is an entirely different story for Tablet, Phone and PC/Mac/Windows, with a variety of hundreds of thousands of different mods (Furniture, ProjectE, Flan's Guns Mod, Archimedes, SkyFactory (as seen below) e.t.c).
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
So as a summary;
Consoles include; PC/Mac/Windows (Name: Minecraft), Tablet/iPad/Android/Samsung (Name: Minecraft Pocket Edition), Xbox 360 (Name: Minecraft Xbox360 Edition), Xbox 1 (Name: Minecraft Xbox One Edition), PlayStation 3 (Name: Minecraft PlayStation 3 Edition), Playstation 4 (Name: Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition), Nintendo Wii U (Name: Minecraft Wii U Edition), Nintendo Switch (Name: Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition), PlayStation Vita (Name: Minecraft PlayStation Vita Edition) and finally Bluestacks (Name: Minecraft Pocket Edition).
Mods Include; Vanilla Minecraft (Normal Minecraft), SkyFactory (as shown above, starting on an island with on a tree and a dirt block and trying to complete as many challenges as possible.), Orespawn/CrazyCraft (one of the oldest mods, besides from HEXXIT and TEKKIT, and arguably one of the hardest! Includes The Queen, The King, Mobzilla, Mothra and Big Bertha!), Pixelmon (for Pokemon lovers, Pokemon becomes 3D and this time, you can choose between every starter from Generation 1-5 or 1-6, depending on what update you have, what's the best thing about Pixelmon though, is that you are in a First Person View of the trainer!) and e.t.c (there are many other mods which you can find out about by going to the Wikia).
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