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Survival, Parkour & PvP

Survival is a universal game in which you have to survive in a world full of dangers. This is the first added game mode from which much more have started. Here you meet different animals and monsters that drown very important things. They help you craft many things and objects that you need all the time. This mode ends with the '' End '' Map where you have to defeat the dragon, ending the universal game.
Most players love Survival, because it is very complex, giving people unforgettable experiences: Hardcore, Adventure, Survival ( normal ) and Creative. Without more details, I will introduce you to this world of mystery and color where the impossible becomes possible, where good always defeats the river and Steve or Alex reign in the vast territory. Everything impresses with the pressure of the confessed feelings, observing the excitement and sensitivity of this superb game.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Parkour is another way of playing, quite recently, when players have to jump on different blocks, windows, trees, fences, climbing the lawns, stairs, etc. Indeed, there are few servers with parkour, but they impress everyone. In this mode of play, there can be checkpoints, meaning places where you can spawn if you die or fall. This mode of play can cause nervousness due to multiple players' the parkour. Not all people venture into this game because almost every time is very difficult and takes a long time to become a true master of parkour. We all know that only through work we manage to achieve our goals. So here in this mode of play: just by careful attention, perseverance, and workforce. This is the only way in which you have to jump over all sorts of thing, objects, beat your fear of height and do not get angry anymore.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
And the last one, the PvP. In this way, all players fight between them, and the one who remains the last one to win. Careful! This kind of the game gets angry to the extreme! I usually play that mode, because I love it, even if sometimes it causes me nervousness. WIthout too many words, I will introduce you to the wonderful gameplay that will stimulate self-esteem, courage, perspicacity, and intelligence. Here, the winner proves a lot of attention, but also a little talent in the mouse mastery. Often, some players have lag or reach ( a problem caused by the internet ) and, as a result, the other players die or, at best, lose a lot of life because this lag or reach benefits the player who '' possess'' it, thus helping him, often, to win or even be on the podium. Some of them hack, even if they receive ban, they continue to use it, not realizing that they lose a lot of money and a lot of precious time trying to do this and ''distracting ''.
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Author Martinela
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