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This title brings me back childhood chills

Back in my childhood there was one game I found interesting and it was Minecraft. The reason is pretty simple: lots and lots of things to create and to build. Back then I was trying to find the recipes on my own and was competing with my friends on who knows the most recipes. Funny thing eh? It was really competitive. At that point I didn’t really know what was going on, but with time I got used to this feeling and focused on exploring and building. As simple as the game is there are a lot to say about the mechanics and what could be implemented. Before I start I should warn you that the devs work really slow and don’t really care on adding more content for the moment. 1.13 update should come pretty soon, but there are only bug fixes announces so no luck for minecraft builders. With all said let’s let’s review it, here at
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The game is set in a cubic universe, eveything made of cubes, ironic, except of the animals and mobs in general which look like cubes trying to bend each other. You start with nothing but 2 hands and 2 legs and you’re supposed to go explore and take some wood. After that it’s time to make a bed and get some food, make a bench and tools and a furnance. So that’s basically it but not quite right. In the meantime you’ll explore a lot of biomes with different themes and wood types, you’ll get to know more mobs, both hostile (zombie, skeleton, enderman...) and neutral (chicken, pig, cow...). You’ll also find more crops and above all there are the villages where you can find a lot of useful materials, both gear and food. Yes you’ll say that this thing will get boring soon, not many updates and little content in general. But I will tell you about mods and servers.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Mods are, like in other games, content packs made by the commmunity. What’s great is that Minecraft has one of the biggest modding community. This is one of the coolest features of the game,mod compatibility. There are tons of cool mods, from appearance, shaders to adventure mods and all kind of „more blocks and ores” items. Even here devs made this thing hard for everyone. Installing mods it’s not that simple and you should definetely check a tutorial if it’s your first time. Also, somehow the compatibility between different minecraft versions is broken. Even with this disavantage, cool mods are updated to the latest versions and they offer a good technical support. When you are bored of playing with mods and LAN, you can also make a modded servers, vanilla server or a plugin servers. Plugins are scripts that add commands and more functions for admins (ops) to use in a server. For example you can make anti-griefing zones, you can make an economy and share admin priviledges. With all said I’ll always encourage you to get the game and play it with some of your friends whether on a server or LAN.
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