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Minecraft, is an amazing game. Everybody know's what minecraft is. Minecraft is a fun game, with many things to do! Coming with minecraft is a singleplayer experience and a multiplayer experience. Some people do not like to play, singleplayer because they don't have friends to play with, and eventually the experience of it becomes boring. Here steps in Multiplayer, players start to play multiplayer. I'm going to be telling everybody about some gamemodes that are amazingly fun to play, if you don't know what server to play first! There is many types of servers, such as Hardcore Factions, Factions, Practice and many other gamemodes that give you an exciting experience. We shall begin, one of the most popular servers. Hypixel, hypixel is a server with Skywars, Minigames (Build Battle, Hypixel Says) and many other gamemodes. Hypixel, is one of the most popular servers that currently exists. Hypixel, can only be played with 1.8.x (any 1.8 version and above) is supported by Hypixel. (IP : ) Moving on from Hypixel! We have a server, that is slowly dieing out in the community, but still has many players to have a great experience on with. Mineplex, mineplex is a fun server. Mineplex has obstacles in the lobby that can be completed to gain their virtual currency "Gems", these can be spent on Minigames, to improve your experience with such things as Kits, or you can use these on Lobby Cosmetics, to show of your coolness to the entire server! A disadvantage about Mineplex, that hypixel does not have is, that the Mineplex Anti Cheat G.W.E.N is bypassed. Hypixel is still bypassed, but bans way more cheaters and your gameplay experience may be way better on that server! (IP to Mineplex : / )
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Moving onto, another server. Lets talk about the practice community of this game. Practice is a gamemode, all about fighting. You queue up and wait to fight another player. This will gradually improve your fighting skills and make you better at the pvp aspect of the game. PvP is all about your click-speed, and your aim. There is no strategy unless trying to make a player get annoyed and make them pearl up somewhere, and then you'll win. But other than that, all pvp is about is your aim, and your click speed. This plays a major effect on how you pvp, if you practice a lot. You'll find to be good at practice most likely it's like what the name says. You practice it, and you get better. Lets begin, one of the best servers at the current moment for practice, is Badlion. Badlion features many gamemodes, one of their most popular gamemodes is ArenaPvP (Practice) a disadvantage about this server is that you can't practice forever! You get limited matches, but their is always 1-2 gamemodes which you can play unlimited for the day. This changes every single day, to make you better at all the aspects of fighting. In my opinion, badlion is an amazing server (IP : ) ! Next, and last is MineHQ. MineHQ, is a HCF server, but that aspect of the server is currently closed down. As of right now, you can only play practice, against some very experienced players. I recommend starting with Valux, moving onto Badlion then moving up to MineHQ, if you'd like to be good for MineHQ, and prepared.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Lets talk about Hardcore Factions, and BungeeCoord servers with multiple things to do! Hardcore factions, is a gamemode all about strategy. Invis-Raiding is a big part of this! This is when you drink an invisibility potion, and try to get into somebodys base, then kill them to attempt to make them raidable (Raidable is when you can raid them) This is not like factions, with tnt raiding. You have to kill the amount of DTR they have to make them raidable, then rush into their base! Coords to their base are shown in /f show (/f who) for e.g 5 DTR, you have to kill 5 of their members to raid them. Hardcore Factions, features many king of the hill events, which can be contested with your faction members. Lets move on to the servers! First of all, lets go with Arcane. A fun server, with many youtubers playing. The IP to Arcane, is Arcane.CC | If you would like to learn more about HCF, search it up! Your sure to find some helpful tutorials that help you out a lot with it.
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