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PUBG Review- Amazing battle royale style game

The early access version of PUBG has been out for a huge time and has gained a lot of followers and players. It has been just a huge success that it has become the most played game on steam, reaching a peak of 2.5 million players almost every single day! And with the actual game release being scheduled sometime in December, I thought it is a great time to review this game and talk about whether it is worth the price.

Being a huge fan of the already famous battle royale game mode, I really fell in love with the game. I really loved the replayability this game has to offer. No matter how much I played, I never ever felt bored or felt like "why am I playing this game". That was because of the gameplay of this game. Two games are never the same, whether you are going solo against around 90 other players or whether you are teaming up with your friends in a fight to survive, no match will ever feel the same, there will always be something different to it, whether it be just funny things that happened with you and your friends or an amazing outplay that scored you that juicy chicken dinner.
The battle royale game mode is quite a simple one. A battle royale game mode features a lot of players who have to survive, get weapons and be the last man standing. In this game, around 100 players are a plane. The plane travels in a straight line, however that straight line can be from any direction. Players get to choose where to jump out and after they do the hunt begins. Players immediately run around looking for buildings to get resources from and once they are stocked up, they begin fighting. But as the map is extremely huge, it is quite rare to find a lot of players in the same area unless you are dropping off at more popular places (in that case, there will be a lot of players and some good loot, get there first!). But it is this huge map that makes the gameplay fast. Since the map is huge, there are hundreds of buildings everywhere and each building tends to have at least one resource that is helpful to the player. The other big feature is a big circle. Just to eliminate the chances of afk players and to allow the game to be a lot more fast-paced, the battle royale has a circle feature. After some time, a random circle will appear on the map, players must get to that circle before a certain amount of time. If its past the time and you still have not reached the circle, your health will start to drop by a small amount. However, there is not just one circle. The first circle is quite large but they get smaller and smaller, and when they do, staying out of the circle zone after the time period will hurt even more.
The game being in early access does mean that the game is really that polished. Despite me having somewhat good specs, I seem to have trouble running it at times, especially when there are a lot of players in an area. The fps is, however, getting better and better as new updates are coming along, at first I had trouble running the game on even the lowest settings but now I can run it with some settings high The other problem is that there are a lot of glitches, at times they can be fun for us to watch, but those people that are experiencing the glitch can feel frustrated but like with the fps, they are getting better as updates arrive, and we can expect the developers to get rid of all the bugs and glitches as they are updating the game. The last problem with this game is that recently there have been a lot of hackers. Now we have all heard of the story, of how hackers have truly ruined several games by making it just an unpleasant experience. The same story is now being transferred to PUBG. There have been a lot of negative reviews on steam about this and many people are really disappointed with the developers but like with all the other cons, I reckon the developers should be able to fix this issue by inserting a newer or better anti-cheat to stop those hackers but for now the game can seem really unfun.
There are a lot of problems with the game, ranging from glitches to bugs and even hackers but I do not believe they should be as big of a problem in the near future. We can't really expect an early access game to deliver all the things we want it to. But I believe we should overlook all the major cons and look at the features the game offers. It has quite a good customization (didn't talk about it as it's not a huge point), you can make your character look like a schoolboy to a gangster with a big coat and a gas mask. Also, the game offers a crate opening feature like other popular games (CSGO etc.) Players can choose to buy the crate or they can get it for free by playing and getting points. These crates can drop rare items like a skirt which players can choose to sell for hundreds of dollars or they can choose to keep it for character customization. I personally have enjoyed the game so much, and in the time I played it, I didn't even think about the glitches or bugs or even hackers as I was having so much fun just playing it. I do recommend you buy it with a friend so its a lot more fun! I would give this game 9/10 bananas just for its great and sheer replayability and a great concept which has you hooked for hours!
What I tend to do just so its easier to get loot is, I get off at small towns where not many people are, and I always end up getting a couple of good guns and that can be a huge advantage especially early on when people have nothing but bare fists.

Also, try to play in the third person as you can view more by being in the third person mode. You can change who is on the other side of the wall if you are in the third person.

If you see a crate drop, do not hesitate to go there. There have been countless times where I have not gone to the crate drop just because I feel there will be a lot of people there. But to my surprise, there are no people near the crates and I just end up getting a really good weapon or a scope.

As soon as you get substantially good equipment, start running for the circle, as when it starts to shrink, it can easily catch up to you.

If you guys like the concept but are not able to spend the money or you do not want to waste money on the game but would want to try the game or a similar game. I suggest trying fornite as they are similar in many ways.
Hope you guys enjoyed!
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Author Shazam Merlin
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