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Rail Nation: The Battle for Europe

The fight is on!
Rail Nation's Battle over Europe is really addicting, in the sense that you must compete against many other players/cooperatives to take dominance over an entire continent. And you must do it, on a set of 2 rails. You control what happens in your cooperative, so don't screw yourself up when playing this game. Whatever is done, cannot be undone (at least, I think not, but either way, just don't do it.) Anyway, the topic of the game is simple, expand and supply. I will explain what I mean later on in the next paragraph.
Hello everyone, it's me Lolbananaz15, here to give you a review on the game Rail Nation: the Battle for Europe. Let's get to it!

Choo choo!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Rails... All that's there to support you are rails... Rails here... Rails there... Rails leading everywhere... But that's all you need! Build more rails, access more cities, dominate production factories. Go to your train station, upgrade your facilities, extend your limits, and max out your habits on this game.
Sorry, got too motivational. So, to play, you basically join a Capital or a Regional Area, and fight for that team. Easy enough, until you start learning more.
The game is split into Eras, where the earlier eras gave you old fashion trains, while the newer ones, gave you modern trains. You start off in that Era, and research other trains. Then you buy trains, and start scheduling them to deliver goods to cities and earn money, and expand your routes and earn more money, and etc. You get the point. It's difficult, but, you will find a system, then pull through.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
My experience with the game, I like it. I'm a part of St. Petersburg, and my cooperative, is pretty good. We are in 6th place as I am typing this, and I hope we don't lose rankings. We've come all this way together, though I'm hardly on the game, and talking to them at all, but, I'm doing fine. I upgraded my bank so that I can store more money and not worry about it later. And for some reason, I ain't doing well with my expansion. I guess to much bank upgrades takes time off of your Track Production Upgrade. I did what I did, and I try not to regret it at all whatsoever, because if I regret it, I would really really mad, and I would eventually stop playing the game for a while.
And so it begins, your new journey, in taking over Europe on a set of Metal Wheels, and Cargo Trucks for miles. Will you spend your money right, and get ahead in the game, or lose your Train of Thought, and lose it all. It all depends on you, good luck.
5.0 (1)
Author lolbananaz15
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