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Tribal Wars... is it any good?

I started the game with a manageable latency, it also doesn't hurt that it is a browser game, allowing for simple swaping between tabs. and also the headquarters is quite tedious but that's all i have about the gameplay. the combat is bad click and wait, nothing to look at, just some grass on a screen. I don't have high hopes for this game as a resource management game. it should be a time management game, having to sit there for hours upon hours until you get to crushed by the first battle. I did like the art style its taking aswell but the mechanics are terrible and so are the wait times, i'm sorry but i cant play this for much longer. Ok so i've invested twelve more hours only to get little to nothing done. my paladin is level 2 and i'm still getting crushed by the first village, so i do not like this game.
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Another irk i seem to have is the green finish speed up has no resource attached to it, so what's the point of build times if it's free? other than that the construction is ok it's too fast to just keep pumping out buildings then go to the barracks and have to sit there for an hour to do the fifth quest. I like the art style it's taking aswell .It's sad to see hard work taking such a bad hit to the stomach because of bad mechanics and resource management eventually i will beat the village and i'll get back to this article I'm sorry to whoever spent their precious time making this in advance this game is really just wait and watch, wait and watch, wait and watch that's all it is. the resources happen so fast they don't even matter, you will never run out, there will always be some, only if you spamming, will you lose resources.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The last thing that angers me is this: it takes 10 mins to train ONE TROOP, really, in other games it takes maybe 10 second, but 10 mins really. There is also something else about troops they are very weak, so it makes you basically train about 5-10 troops at a time, IT TAKES ALMOST AN HOUR to get 5 troops that die almost instantly, also the finish feature is not there so i must sit there for an hour waiting, constantly looking at my phone or making food while I watch the timer run down, and the 10 minute troop is the cheapest troop in the game. Please change that. ALSO THE COMBAT IS TERRIBLE, input a number at least you don't have to see the painful suffering of two hours of waiting squashed by the first tribe. Also the paladins are even worse 8 hours for the first level. ive invested quite a bit of time into this game and i'm not having the best time: 3.5/10
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Author ShyGuyGaming
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