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Roblox Doesn't Deserve the Poor Reception That It Gets

Roblox, simply put, is a game for kids. It's designed with kids in mind, and it's a great community for them. On the topic of the community, Roblox floats upon the games created by people, for the people. There are so many games that people have created, and while not all of them may be good, there are definitely games that outshine the rest. These games are so well thought out, organised, and polished that they could definitely become standalone games. Going back to the kids, there are definitely games on Roblox that do have a more teenager/young adult theme with it, like for example, StyLiS Studios' Phantom Forces, a shooter game, it is still massive amounts of fun for the kids, as there are many more games on Roblox geared towards the kids. Roblox as a platform is a great start for newer game developers to start their craft, as Roblox provides the tools for the developer, they simply just have to flesh out the game, and make it. Roblox is a wonderful place to play games on, meet new friends, and create games for. Due to all of these factors, Roblox definitely does not deserve the "meme-y" rap that it does.
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The games on Roblox can range from a variety of things. This can span from First Person Shooter games, to obstacle courses, to owning a lumber tycoon, among a plethora of other game types. This provides a variety of things to do. Feel like shooting other players? There's definitely a shooting game for you somewhere. Don't want to shoot, but fight other players? There is most definitely a sword fighting game out there. Just want to roleplay? I guarantee you that there are many games you can roleplay on. All of these games have different age groups. Some are designed simply to appeal to children, while others are more geared towards young adults and teens, as aforementioned. That's the wonderful thing about Roblox. Everyone can find a game on Roblox, and still have loads of fun, no matter who you are. Kid or adult, male or female, there is something on Roblox that is perfect for you.
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For the developers, Roblox is still a great place to be. When you download Roblox, you also get a Roblox Studio. What that is, is pretty self-explanatory. You load it up, and with the given assets, someone who is pursuing to be a game developer can conceptualize, create, and put together their game. As also aforementioned, this game may be of any type, shooter, obstacle course, etc. There is no need to start from the ground up with coding and whatnot. All you need is an idea, time, and patience. Sure there are games that use assets that are not given by the Roblox Studio, but the people that created these games are truly passionate about them and create new assets for themselves using the ones given and script them to make them do what they want. As one can imagine, there are a wide range of developers for Roblox, amateurs, to the professional. Roblox is a great platform to develop for, and it is a great place to start your journey as a game developer.

All in all, Roblox is a very wonderful, fun, positive, and generally welcoming place to be, as a gamer or developer. The games for Roblox are developed with many different playstyles, ages, and people in mind. For the developers, it is a great place to set you off on your journey. Roblox does not deserve to be made fun of, rather, it should be promoted more, and given more positive light for these things.
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