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Roblox is neat, but...

Roblox is a game where you can create or play someones world, I think Roblox is a good game for kids, there is alot of friends and kids I know who play Roblox, or some just make memes outta of it. Roblox has safe chat which is good if parents want there child to see swear words. Safe chat is activated under 13. I hate how they have rude kids, or the kids that are just mad at you for no reason. Bragging is also a big thing on Roblox, also some cyber-bullying. There is alot of hackers in Roblox in which you can get your account hacked. there has been countless reviews saying there child has been hacked or there is a child predator talking to there child. I think Roblox poorly monitors children. So I would be aware that not only children play, but adults to. There's alot of games to choose from, but some games use robux.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
They can also sign up for a membership for extra content and can insert in-game ads into their created games, potentially making large sums of money off their unique ideas. In my opinion I think buying Robux is not worth the money, for months or for a year! There's is so many oders in Roblox which are people who date in game. I like how Roblox have events, in these events they add shirts or gears to earn if you do a certain quest. There have been reports of users in chats, exchanging inappropriate/predatory messages with young players. So be aware of this when you play Roblox. Theres even 17 or 16 year olds still playing Roblox! Robux is currency that you can't earn but buy. But i think if Roblox made robux accessible then more players would come and they would actually have a working business.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
There is alot of things to do in Roblox, meeting new friends, making your own world with friends, joining servers, hacking (jk), trolling people, etc. So if you decide to play Roblox take these precautions. My final thoughts and rating towards my opinion, I think Roblox should get a 7/10, and I think its a great game for 8 year olds. They should also probably make players make there own hats that would be a cool feature to add! theres also the Coco event going on! Also be aware of what you type in a chat box with a stranger you just met, and the internet trolls and forums! Roblox is a good site for gaming, but if you've even SEEN the prices in the catalog - trust me, you won't want to keep your account. Please, please don't buy any of this for your kids, they'll ask for more, and more, and more...
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Author TrelosRhenium
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