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Roblox Review by akersh

I think Roblox is quite a fun game, but not for serious gamers. You can choose from a variety of game modes, whether it be a Roleplay game like Work At A Pizza Place, or a fast-paced shooter like Phantom Forces, made by dedicated members of the community. I think this is good, as you can choose what you want to play and what you don't want to play. It provides a fun time for people under their teens, but it's not completely out of the question for teens. In my opinion. the best game to play on it is Phantom Forces because I have had a long-standing love for FPS games. It provides a fast playstyle while requiring pinpoint accuracy, and good reaction speeds. Combine this with a variety of guns that you do not need to pay real life money for, and you get Phantom Forces. Back to the topic of the actual game, Roblox is great to play with friends because of the chat, customizable character and the join a friends game features. My only downside is the community is quite childish most of the time and the games can have a quite laggy or unfinished feel.
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I picture of lots of Roblox characters, showing how customizable they are. You can be anything, from a cowboy to a rich businessman, to a watermelon. You can get these in-game skins by making a free server with a payment system in their currency - robux. Or you can just pay with your own money, which is the easier and less time-consuming option. Personally, I wouldn't spend money on this game because as far as I'm concerned, they are non-refundable and with new costumes coming out all the time, you would have to spend more and more money to upgrade your character's look. Also, I would far rather spend my money on another game, that has a proper storyline to it or a set game mode. Other than that, I would recommend Roblox because you can also get some costumes for free, so you don't look that bad.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
A picture of gameplay on Youtube Tycoon, a game where you expand the amount of money you have, pretending to be a youtuber. These tycoon games can get quite boring at times, but if you get into a game, it can be quite fun as you gain a sense of progress and... well superiority. This happens as you gain more and more money and customizable features such as weapons and game-changing items, that can be used against fellow players. The problem with tycoons is that sometimes when you join a tycoon game, there isn't enough space for you to play (there isn't a plot) but you can easily fix this by joining a server of the same game, so it's alright. Like I said before, they can get boring and dull after a while, so you don't feel like playing. Also, you can't save your progress on a tycoon game, so you have to start from scratch everytime
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Author akersh
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