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ROBLOX - The Game of Freedom and Monetization

ROBLOX is a great online website where anything is possible! (As long as it's appropriate) In this world of possibilities you can create games, play games, make clothes, join groups and much more. You have the choice of playing as a guest (But you can't talk in chat) or registering an account and having your own customisable avatar. ROBLOX is a Lego-styled game. In ROBLOX you can play great games such as the Ultimate Driving franchise created by user TwentyTwoPilots. In this game you drive around in a variety of vehicles. You can use the in-game currency ROBUX to buy gamepasses and get access to jobs such as a Police Officer, Trucker, Frefighter/EMT or a Deprtment of Transport worker. This game is a great game to make new friends. The more money you get, the better cars you can get. This is a driving Roleplaying game.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
However there is a big downside to ROBLOX and that's monetization. ROBLOX is a company and treats its user in a corporate way. Your possibilities are becoming limited unless you buy in-game currency or their subscription service Builder's Club to somehow make a profit and enjoy the game. You need the ingame currency just to by overpriced clothes. ROBLOX treats it's "poor" user like dirt sometimes. In May 2015 they removed the feature of Non-Builder's Club members having the ability to upload their own clothes for the avatars. Now it's only Builder's Club members. There are also 3 different stages of builder's club and depending on which one you buy, depends on what you can do. You can also join groups in ROBLOX but once again if you haven't payed for their subscription service then you can only join 5 groups. Without the Builder's Club membership you can't even create groups.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
But if you do create groups then it costs you 100 robux to set it up and 25 robux per rank. On ROBLOX you also need to watch out for greedy developers who charge Ludacris prices for their gamepasses. But not even they get the full amount. For example if you have a gamepass costing 1000 robux. ROBLOX takes 30% of that Revenue so for one sale of that gamepass you get 700 robux. Non-Builder's Club members can also build games and have gear in their game. But this time ROBLOX takes 90% of the revenue and you only get 10%. If that same gear cost 1000 robux, you would only get 100 robux. This is why some people use Group Payouts. If you have a friends who is "rich", willing to donate and ahs a group then they use the funds from the group. (Gained by selling clothes usually. They by the clothes themselves but there is still tax on that.) They donate robux to you from the group funds without paying any tax to ROBLOX
5.0 (1)
Author NikitaV
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