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Star Wars The Old Republic
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Create your own story in the universe of Star Wars

Star Wars The Old Republic is a game based on the universe of Star Wars movies, but the events of this game occur thousands of years before the films of this same franchise.

Star Wars The Old Republic is a game that continues the story of Star Wars King of the Old Republic in which it allowed us to play with Revan and all his companions to save the galaxy of Malak.

In Star Wars The Old Republic we can play in multiplayer mode and we will have multiple options to create our character.

We can select from various races like the Jedi, Sith, Smugglers, Mercenaries, Soldiers. Each one of these starts in its own world in which we will have to perform different main missions until arriving at an approximate level 15 in which they will give us a ship with we will be able to travel to the different worlds that exist in the game.

Each species has unique abilities and as we go up the level we can select one of the different subclasses that exist
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
One of the main favorable aspects of Star Wars The Old Republic is that unlike other games of this same style, here we can have companions that will join our crew.

Another factor that makes this game more unique and different from any other is that each mission has an animation to start and finish the mission, and in these animations, we will always have three options to select and depending on which we can get special points of the light side Or the dark side of the force.

These points will affect both our characters physically and the relationship we have with our crewmates.

In Star Wars The Old Republic exists the possibility of having romantic relationships with different members of the crew, this can be achieved when finishing different missions.

Star Wars The Old Republic is considered one of the best games of this franchise.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In its beginnings, this game only allowed the option to play it through a monthly payment, but over time they decided to add the option to play for free.

Unfortunately for users who play free have many limitations, one of the limitations for users who play for free is that they can only create two characters, another of the limitations that presents Star Wars The Old Republic for users who play for free is that they own A limit on your inventory to store objects.

However, these limitations do not take fun to this game, even if you play with the free mode you will spend many hours of fun.

Star Wars The Old Republic has an option to perform special missions with your teammates, these missions can be temporary and can only be performed at certain times of the day, these are called "Flashpoint"

Taking into account different aspects Star Wars The Old Republic is one of the best online games of the Star Wars franchise.

If you want to be part of the Star Wars universe and build your own story in this universe, I recommend playing Star Wars The Old Republic.
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