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Tanki Online Guide by happyninja92

I think people should play Tanki Online because it is a fun game and it’s free. People play Tanki on a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) browser. The game is a tank simulator that was created on AlternativaPlatform, and it was released on May 8, 2009. All you need is a flash and a computer to play on Tanki Online. On one of Tanki V-log, Tanki said that they will release a mobile version on Tanki. They are still working on it so you have to play Tanki on the web and on the Client Version (Downloaded Tanki). There is a lot of features in Tanki Online and will talk about those feature. Tanki updates a lot and every year they come up with a new turret. They have not have a new hull in years. Also Tanki has a lot cool event that you should try. They say the events on V-logs, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I will talk about Tanki Online.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
On Tanki, there is an in-game currency called crystals. The crystals are to buy stuff in the garage. You can get these crystals by a gold box, missions, buying with real money, friend invitation, by ranking up, and from battles.

There are 4 modes you can play: CP (Control Points), TDM (Team Deathmatch), DM (Deathmatch), and CTF (Capture the Flag). In CP mode, your team has to try to control the various points in the map. In CTF mode, your team has to try to capture the enemy’s flag by stealing it and taking it to your own flag. In TDM mode, your team has to get the most kills. In DM you have to get the most kills out of all the tankers.

Tanki has a garage. The garage is very important. It’s helpful to buy stuff like a Firebird. It can also help you equip the hull, turret, and paint. You can even equip in a battle. You can buy gifts for your friends in the the garage too. In special events like Christmas, you get discounts of the hull, turret, and paint.

On Tanki, there are many paints to buy. Almost all the paints have a protection of turrets. You can upgrade the paint that has a protection of turrets. You can upgrade these paints. The paint colors are black, green, white, red, blue, and the holiday paint can doesn’t have a protection of turrets.

Tanki has premium. Premium doubles the amount of XP, crystals and also you can have access to XT and the premium paint. The premium paint is a paint that has protection of all of the turrets. Premium costs real money on Tanki.

Tanki has missions. When you complete a mission you can get: XT (rare), supplies, or crystals. Missions help you get supplies faster. For example, instead of buying supplies, you can do the mission to get the supplies. You have to do 1 mission everyday and if you do it for 7 days, you get crystals and supplies.

There is a chatroom on Tanki, in the battle and in the chatroom when you first login. In the battle when you talk to someone, you press enter. There is a bar that you can type to tankers. If you flood or do something bad you get banned. You can talk to your friend privately or publicly by clicking on the right key of the mouses.

Tanki has profiles. At the Tanki website press the rating button and type the tanker’s username where it says “Enter player’s nickname.” Then, press search to find the tanker’s profile. If have your own Tanki account, you also look at your own profile: just press your rank and you go to your profile. Last, you can press the people on the chat. Then press “Profile” and you are in their profile. You can able to do it in: friend, scoreboard, and the chat room.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Tanki has 4 versions: M0, M1, M2, and M3. It has 11 turrets: Firebird, Freeze, Isida, Hammer, Twins, Ricochet, Smoky, Vulcan, Thunder, Railgun, and Shaft. There are also XT turrets which are very rare: XT Railgun, XT Thunder, XT Vulcan, and XT Firebird. You can get them by missions (but they’re very rare to get) or buying them in the garage, but you need premium.

There are 7 hulls: Wasp, Hornet, Hunter, Viking, Dictator, Titan, and Mammoth. There are 4 XT: XT Wasp, XT Hornet, XT Viking, and XT Mammoth. You can get them by missions (but they’re very rare to get) or buying them in the garage but you need premium.

There are 5 supplies that can help you in Tanki: Heath Box, Double Defense, Double Damage, Nitro, and Mines. You can get them by missions or buying them from the garage. You can also find them in maps and by collecting them as they drop from the sky.

Tanki also has a gold box too. A gold box is a box that falls from the sky. It is very rare and contains 1000 crystals which can be used to buy stuff. In an event, they give more than 1000 crystals and also the box will change the look of the gold box.

You can rank up in Tanki. For example, first rank is a Recruit when you just start Tanki, then you rank up to next level called Private ( second rank).When you rank up, you get crystals, new maps, and can have access of new turret or versions.

There many maps on Tanki Online like Rio. In the events like for Christmas, they add a Christmas map on Tanki, or in Halloween they add a Halloween map.

In conclusion, people should play Tanki because it’s epic! It’s epic because Tanki gives new updates frequently. It always adds more challenging, and exciting stuff, and you won’t feel bored to play.

Information for writing this article was obtained from the Wikipedia, Wikia, Tanki, and Google Images
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