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Team Fortress 2
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Beating Saxon Hale The Hardest Boss

In TF2 there is a special game mode called Saxon hale or freak fortress which pits a team of normal classes against a super powered boss with special moves, 1 hit kills and super jumps. Now all bosses have different styles and mode of attack but all can be beat by keeping them away while doing damage. Most classes require constant ammo pick ups for this to be achieved like the Pyro or heavy, but classes like the scout with certain items can out run the boss and out maneuver him. Saxon normally has a melee weapon but can start with others as well like a modified Demo man grenade launcher. Most bosses have a chargeable super jump which sets them flying in the air making verticle distance useless. However very few bosses have a consistent charge making horizontal distance a key to success. With the heavy and most other classes this is a hard thing to achieve since the boss runs at the speed close to or at a scouts level. Due to this you must use weapons like the Natasha or multiple air blasst to keep the bosses at bay.
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My two favorite classes in this mode are the scout and pyro because of there similar but also different play styles. The scout tries to out maneuver the boss at a close range with his speed and double jumps, while the pryo also stays at a close range but does a mix of burning him and air blasting him away.
My set-up as a scout is a Force of Nature and Winger and a Atomizer and a grapple hook (if the server allows it). With this build you will find it easy to juke the boss with your movements. Lets start with the primary, i go for a Force of Nature due to its knockback properties applying it not only to the boss but also to you making it a great way to get distance and deal some damage. I choose the winger and atomizer because the winger boost your jump height by 35% which with pair with the atomizers ability to give you 3 jumps lets yo scale the boss. The pyro only requires a basic flamethrower however, with a simple combo of left and right click when the boss gets close.
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Solider and Heavy.
The other two most viable classes are the solider and heavy. At first they both seems to have nothing special, but the solider has better movement than a scout and the heavy, paired with a team, can destroy the boss in a matter of seconds.
As the solider i prefer the Rocket Jumper, the Reserve Shooter and The Market Gardener. This combo revolves completely around your ability to rocket jump so if you can do it this wont work for you however if you can do it with your eyes closed then this should be a reliable way to kill almost any boss. The rocket jumper is used to get your way around the boss and to propel you in the air, while in the air you pull out your Reserve Shooter and blast him since it does more damage in the air than on land, and while you land down get you market gardener and smack him then jump up again.
Heavy is super simple, all you need is a trusted medic... or two. The heavy does not shine on its own, I would consider it to be one of the worst on its own. However if you have a medic who knows what he is doing then you can kill the boss in a matter of seconds. All you need is a Brass Beast, once you have one let the boss come to you let the medic uber-charge you and you have won.
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