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Pew Pew Pew Tanks and Planes!

The first time I ever heard about this game was around 2015-2016ish, my friend (who I also worked for at the time) streamed a bit and wanted some more people to play a game called "Warthunder" with him on stream. So being a GREAT FRIEND, I downloaded the game (along with a couple other friends) and began playing with them. If you had told me how much fun I would have playing that game with my pals, I wouldn't have believed you, I became immersed into the game after the first battle. Being able to fly a plane and drive a tank around in this game was insane. The movement was clean and the combat was thrilling, I honestly got goosebumps the first time I got into a dogfight with someone. I was hooked, I didn't like playing the game solo as much as with some pals, but it was still my guitly pleasure when I was bored.
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Onto the contents of the game:

First off is tank/land combat. This part consists of taking capture points while riding in a variety of land combat vehicles, these include rovers, tanks, tankbusters, etc. Land combat in Warthunder is very mechanically difficult, but very exciting. Certain vehicles have certain weak points (where ammo, fuel, engine, etc is located), different weapons and different armor strengths. So you have to aim and fire based off where you believe the most damage will be done. Even though land combat is difficult, the satisfaction as you see shells and bullets colliding with enemy vehicles is one of the most satisfying things I've ever experienced.

Second is air combat. This part is pretty similar to land based combat where you take points, but it's a bit easier since there aren't any obstacles in the way, but you have to remeber that planes are much more fragile than tanks. While it's a bit easier to take down enemy planes than it is to take down enemy tanks, it's MUCH more difficult to hit them, you have to predict their flight and aim a bit in front or behind depending on which way you expect them to move. But, just like in land combat, being able to take down a plane is highly satisfying.
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Overall I would rate this game a 9/10, even though I haven't played this game for a pretty long time, it was still an amazing time of my life. Being able to soar through the skies, blasting other planes down, seeing them spinning off into the ground missing both wings was just so satisfying to me. Seeing tanks explode due to your bullets/shells was also very very satisfying. This game brought me hours upon hours of fun, I don't think I've ever played a game that make me laugh while playing with my friends as this one. I didn't know that I could get this much laughter and fun out of one game, for all the reasons I've listed above, I would say this game is in my top 10 of my favorite games. I could even say that I loved this game, this game is an immersive piece of art that I would recommend to everyone looking for a realistic, world war 2 kind of game!
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Author MemerDog6611
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