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World of Tanks
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How to move around the map and be hard to spot

World of Tanks is a game about tanks as you are probably aware. The game includes many tanks and has a nice community in which you are very welcome. It is an strategic game where your every move counts and your every move can either lead you to the VICTORY or to the LOSS. You may not always win the games if you just play without any strategies. You can play with your friends which is the most fun as you can have the strategies that you really need and you can make those strategies in two. Playing with your friends or with someone that is really easy to communicate with as then it is really easy to move around and destroy enemises. You can also upgrade your tank and add many different parts to it to make it look special or to make it stronger and more powerful as it goes off into the field of war.
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World of Tanks as I said earlier has many parts and upgrades which you can use to make your tank look special or to make it stronger and more powerfull in the weaponary. It makes your tank stand out of the other tanks and what matters the most is that you can customanize your tank so that it is what you want to play with when you are on the battlefield. I advise you to do spend some time on the upgrades as they can change your strategies and make it easier for you and your team to win the match. In my opinion having a tank that is very fast and has storng weaponary as well as armour is a tank that is really over powerd. Having a tank as I specified above is really great and that is what I'm mostly looking in tanks in World of Tanks. Then it is much easier to win any game but also having some more challenge as well.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
It is not always about the tank being so powerful it is always about he way you play. To be really good at World of Tanks it is better to see your movement of the tank. Play with some bots for a while and see the maps and at the hiding spots that make you nearly impossible to see but for you it is easy to find a kill. It is also important to know what to do while you are being attacked or have really low HP. You must be able to set different spots around the map that you are familiar with and the you are well hidden in so that you can hide and not get destroyed. You also must be able to know how to move around the map so that you are really hard to hit from a far distance. You may also want to have a skin that will camouflage your tank in the environment that you are around so that you are really hard to spot form far distance.
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