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World of Warships
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Great Graphics, Fun, Intense Gameplay

This game is all about warships but no submarines. Very cool mechanics like citadels which do a massive amount of damage with using Armor Piercing Shells. I'd say the best class are the cruisers which get torpedoes and have decent guns. Overall intense game with unique mechanics like smokescreen, repair, aircrafts, and dive bombers. There are different nationalities of ship like German, Russian, America, Japanese, British, and French. At the start you won't know which ship you should get but there are so many different lines that you can go down. The different classes offer different and unique style of gameplay ranging from slow to fast or in-between. Keep in mind torpedoes and do your best to avoid them as they cause flooding and severe damage. Also keep in mind that fires do consistent damage unless put out.
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This game isn't really pay to win which I like but there are tiny 'buffs' you can do to improve the ship. The game more or less pay to progress, the ''Premium Account'' costs money but increases everything you earn so you can go the the teir 10 ship faster. This is a positive and a negative because people who pay will progress faster than you. But on the other hand, at least it is not pay to win. Another thing I dislike is how there is a lot more in depth, what I mean by that there are too many different characteristics like spotting, concealment, survivability, and artillery(guns). In order to be great at the game, you have to understand what each thing mean. It will be hard for new players to do well unlike some first person shooter, you can do decent as long as you have good aim. But unlike that, there is a lot more that goes on that the new players won't know.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Overall, I do recommend this game, you should try this fun game. It feel very satisfying to do citadels or shoot the enemies with torpedoes. There are a great variety of ships like battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and cruisers.
There also are premium ships that make more money than most so you can progress faster. It is how amazing this game is and it's only in beta and free for everyone. This game is not very dependent of random number generator except for the guns because some parts of the ship has more armor than other parts so you won't do damage unless if you are firing high explosive. Battleships have the most armor and is the slowest but have the biggest guns. Cruisers have torpedoes but not great and have decent guns and mobility. Destroyers are stealthy and fast with horrible guns but good torpedoes.
5.0 (1)
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