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Arsenal: How you can be number 1 (and how to customize).

Hi! You must be new to Arsenal. You might have some difficulty trying to understand the game mechanics, don't worry. You will be a pro in no time. But first, I will tell you all about Arsenal. Arsenal is a FPS game created by the ROLVe Community in Roblox. It is one of the most popular games in Roblox that it contains 1.1 BILLION visits in almost 5 years of activity. People could kill enemies with all sorts of weaponry, ranging from the typical ones, like pistols and rocket launchers, to outlandish ones like laser projectiles and snowballs. It contains lots of game modes, for example Standard: the person must have 30 kills or assists, and kill someone with the Golden Knife to win, and Concussion Royale: The person must use the Concussion Rifle to get 15 kills or assists to win. The things that I have talked about may seem very difficult to master, but do not worry. In the next paragraph, you will learn the basics of playing the game: the guns, the wins, ways to not lose and many more.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

When you click the "Deploy" Button, and click on the diamond shaped button, you will spawn in with allies and enemies. Let's say the people with the blue shirts are your allies, and the red are your enemies. It is best to always arm yourself with a primary weapon, like a semi-automatic weapon (or whatever the weapon you have when you first spawn in). You are going to focus on your target in red, you hold the left button on your mouse and the gun goes TATATATATATA... and ping! You just earned your first point. Primary weapons are usually used when your enemy is within a good aiming distance, depending on your weapon. It might deal great damage to your opponent, but if you feel like it's not that great of a gun, then you could use the melee. With it, you could kill somebody with it and it could deduct one point from your enemy, giving you higher chances to win. You could even backstab with it, making it easier for that person to die. When you either get shot down, blown up or get stabbed, don't worry about that, you will just respawn in a random location. Now, when you finished your 30th kill or assist, you will get to the Golden Stage: the Golden Gun and the Golden Knife. After you defeated somebody for the 30th time, a Golden Gun would spawn to your hand. There is only one bullet in the chamber and it could kill the enemy in one shot. After that, you will get the Golden Knife, just like a melee weapon, you will have to kill somebody with it if you get close to him. Once you successfully killed someone with it, congrats! You got number one in the round! Of course, this is only the Standard game mode, there are many more game modes that play a little different than this, but we are only covering the basics here.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

After playing a round of Arsenal, you would go back to the Main Menu and go to the Store and find there is a variety of items to buy. The currency you would use are Bloxbucks. Each day, there would be a bunch of things to buy: in the Daily Section, there are a few kill effects, skins, voice effects, melee skins that you can choose that would have a routine change every 24 hours. Then there is the Cases where Skin Cases and the others would cost somewhere between 1,500 to 2,500 Bloxbucks, and lastly there is the Gamepasses, where it's just bundles in which you would need to spend Robux to buy them, although I would not recommend buying those. With these upgrades, you could make yourself look more like a skillful player, although not really if you only improve on your appearances and not your winning skills. Nevertheless, this is a great game for beginners to experience how to play FPS properly and might be able to let you win in almost every round if you improve more. I hope you have learned enough from this review.

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