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Best free war games

Best free war games

For those gamers that crave information and historical accuracy while experiencing the thrill and excitement of gaming, war games are the correct genre. These games involve strategic military decision making as well as battle planning while setting within historical and fantasy war settings. While fighting games ad battle games focus more on the combat and fights taking place within the game, war games are more tactical. Players have to tap into their diplomatic sites and take control of countries and armies and try to lead them to victory.

Wargames are time consuming, although several settings allow players to set up armies in a way that is efficient and leads to a faster victory.

One of the best games within this category is War Thunder. The game is set within [email protected] and allows the players the option of choosing the type of platoon they want to control, be it air or land. The player then has to control their forces and battle in a way that will lead to victory.

Another very successful free war game is Combat Mission. The game is set in WWII as well, but the story plot is completely different. Players take charge of armies and attempt to take over Normandy by defeating other armies.

Command Ops is a game that is a little different from the rest. The game is an MOBA fighting game, which allows players to take the place of soldiers within an army rather than a leader and advance from there. Players will fight battles and compete against other teams to gain an advantage.