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Best shooting games

Best shooting games

A subgenre of action games, shooting games are for those who crave adrenaline and excitement. These games require a high reaction time and speed on the part of the player. Shooting games rely heavily upon ammunition, especially rifles and guns. These games provide first person experience to the player and are often MMOs, allowing the users to interact with each other during gameplay.

The process of choosing a good shooting game is a hard one: the gaming community is littered with decent FPS that can provide every gamer with a good enough gaming experience. From post-apocalyptic zombie lands to the future to the depths of Hell, shooting games cover every universe imaginable. However, there are some which surpass mediocrity to achieve the level of the best shooting games available in the gaming community today.

S.K.I.L.L - Special Force 2 is one of the biggest shooting games in the community right now and via Bananatic, with its modern graphics, modern to near-future setting and the immersive story; a thoroughly revamped edition of some well-loved classics. Glory kills and speed are just two things; along with its interactive and immersive map range, these are the fish hooks that reel gamers in.

Another FPS making waves in the community ever since it released is a Crossfire. The game is a straight up war zone, with players shooting anything and everything that moves. Speed and agility are key elements to keep in hand when playing this game, as well as the impeccable design and thoroughly detailed graphics.