How does it work?

free steam code 2016

Bananatic offers free steam codes for Steam gamers


Bananatic is a unique website, which not only offers a free array of games of every genre but also rewards users with free and exciting gifts. The best part about the website is that it’s all free; all that is needed is an email, and you can set up your free account to access the multiple genres of games and free rewards.



The website is a major attraction for gaming nuts, not only due to the number of free to play games available for gameplay but also due to the chance to win free steam code 2016. To win these codes, the players have to gain banana points. Bananas are the currency used by the website and can be exchanged to win these free codes.



Bananas are easy to gain. Users can earn small amounts of points by undertaking simple tasks around the website, such as referring the site to friends, interacting with other Bananatic users and logging into the site every day. Bulk bananas can be eared by taking surveys and promoting sponsors of the website, and of course, by playing games. Depending on the type and genre of the games, players will be given an amount of bananas upon completion of levels and missions.



Once the players have the desired amount of bananas, they can exchange them for free steam codes 2016. To access free steam codes 2016, the user has to exchange their banana points at the Bananatic gift shop. These codes can then be used to activate and recharge Steam wallets.