How does it work?

free steam wallet

Gain access to free steam wallets with Bananatic


Bananatic is a one of a kind website, which offers the unique chance to its users to play games and earn free rewards. The website offers a variety of free to play games to those who wish to play popular games for free, and all one has to do is sign up for a free account. Once the account is made, the site starts rewarding users with various rewards such as cash prizes, free steam wallets and gift cards to various companies, as well as cheat codes for games and software.



To attain free steam wallets, all the users have to do is collect Bananas. Bananas are the currency system awarded by the website, which can be collected by performing various tasks and then traded in for rewards like game wallets.



Bananas are rewarded to every user for simply staying active on the site. The simplest of action, such as logging in daily, can result in addition to banana points. Users can also earn bananas by recommending the website to other people, making friends within the Bananatic domain and interacting with other users via chat. Users can also earn bananas in bulk by taking part in surveys, promoting sponsors and playing games. Once the player completes difficult challenges or levels within a game, they are awarded points according to the level they have cleared.



Using the points they have accumulated, players can then head over to the game store and spend their points on free Steam wallets. The free steam wallets can then be used to fill up existing wallets to purchase in-game steam items