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A 3D, free to play MMOG, World of Tanks was developed and published by Wargaming. The game was released to audiences first in 2010 on PC. The game has been made available on various modules, from PCs to consoles. While the game is available as a free download, premium accounts are available for purchase that offer a more diverse and comfortable gaming experience.


Players are given control over a 20th-century war vehicle and placed in random battle arenas against other players. The vehicles are customizable, with some features being locked for premium access only. As the player progresses within the game, they can upgrade and update their vehicle. The game has a PvP and a team vs. team mode, each with their specific missions and tournaments. Players play in various challenges to gain game points and gold.


Wot Gold is a special in-game currency that allows the user to purchase features inaccessible by normal game points. Wot Gold can be bought online within the game or can be earned by playing in missions and tournaments.


Access to wot gold allows players the option of buying a premium account, as well as premium consoles and weapon facilities. Provided that player is short of game points, wot gold can be used to purchase extra points to get the player back in the game. Other facilities such as crew training and extra equipment are also available once the player has access to gold.


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