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1100AD Positives and Negitives

1100AD is a free to play strategy game that you can play in browser, meaning you don't have to download anything to play it. It is a pretty simple game that doesn't require too much effort to play. You build your castle and other things up from nothing and like most games like this one you can move them around strategically to get the most out of your base. There are resources like trees and rocks that you have to collect to build up your things but they will regenerate when you are gone so it doesn't take forever to get certain things good. It's not a game you can spend hours at a time on but if you want a quick game that you can check every once and a while and still get enjoyment out of it this is a good game for you. It is not hard to get into so even if you have no experience with games like this you don't need to worry!
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There are many positives about this game. One is that it is a in browser game. This is nice because many games make you download things to play but this one you can just go into any browser you want and play it. Another plus is that it is a pretty simple game that you can spend a little time on each day and still get a lot of enjoyment out of. Another good thing about this game is the graphics. They are not super amazing because it is a simple browser game but for this kind of game it is pretty enjoyable. It's not an eyesore and the colors are nice which will ensure you won't get bored of looking at it. It is also available on Facebook, this means that you can play with friends and get bonuses from helping them and they can also help you. This is a good feature and it makes sure that you don't feel super alone.
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Like all games it does have it's down falls. This game can feel very similar to other strategic games like it. This is not entirely bad considering if you are used to games like this you will already know your way around the game pretty well and this can help. It doesn't do anything in particular to stand out from other games in it's category though. It can also have very slow and dragged out game play. You have to wait for things to be built and wait to mine resources. This means you do have to check the game multiple times a day if you want to get a lot out of it. This also means that you can't spend a lot of time on it in one sitting unless you want to stare at nothing happening for a long while. It's still a pretty good game so if these kind of games are your thing go ahead and try it out! There are flaws but it isn't a bad game at all.
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Author RimmyTim
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