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Crossout: A Solid Game

I have been playing Crossout for awhile now and while it is still in its developing stage, it is turning out to be a solid game. It is one of those games that you can just get on really quick and catch a quick round of battling. It actually encourages you to not battle for an extended, continuous period of time by restricting you to receive less experience as you play each consecutive round. I do not like this feature, because I want to think that I can play for as long as I want and still be efficient. The basic route of this game is you are on one of two teams and you either win by defeating all the members of the opposing team, or by capturing their control point. You get personal experience and points by standing in their control point and destroying or assisting in destroying the opposing team's vehicle.
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A feature i really like is that you can build and assemble your own car in the building option. You receive vehicle parts and weapons from battling online players and you can use them to upgrade your vehicle. However, it is kind of difficult to construct a good vehicle on your own from scratch. I usually have to end up using the model that they gave us in the beginning because my vehicle is unstable or unbalanced or unable to shoot effectively. You have a limited amount of energy points on your car, which is the amount of weapons and special parts that you can put on your vehicle. Also, as you keep piling things on your car, your car will get heavier and inevitably slower. These aspects make it hard to build a reliable vehicle on your own. If they modify their building system, I feel like the game will be much improved.
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In addition to being able to build the parts to your car, you can also paint and decorate it through items found in game. This gives it a unique look, and separates your car from your team's. Another option other than playing against online players is the option of completing missions. They give you certain objectives and you complete them, pretty self explanatory. Leveling up is relatively fast if you play effectively. I leveled up to level 6 in less than an hour, but i raked in around 4000 to 5000 experiences points every match, give or take a few. Leveling up fast really depends on your skill because if you never destroy any vehicles, it may take you days to level up. There are seasonal events and daily rewards to keep players invested. You can also buy and sell parts to others in the Crossout community.
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Author bokbokchoy
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