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Diablo III (B2P)
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How Does Diablo 3 Really Hold Up Over Time. Time Value For The Money

Diablo 3 is a great game with a very easy story to follow with. The gameplay is fluid and grasps your attention with stunning graphics. I have played Diablo 3 since it's release date a number of years ago, looking at the game from when it first started to how it is today there has been extreme progress.

Blizzard look after this game with frequent updates and well planned out community support. If you are looking for a fun story to play through with MASSIVE end game content to explore and mess around with, then Diablo 3 is for you.
There is never a dull moment for it and the community that play Diablo 3 are always up for helping new people discover more about the game and how to get the most out of their experience from playing.

You have the option to play with full focus on the game and really enjoy yourself, or as I personally choose to play it half not focused and be able to just switch off from all the troubles and stresses of life. Diablo 3 gives you the ability to feel like you are making huge progress in a game without needing to spend all of your attention on grinding and growing inside the end game content. The final story mission is only the beginning of what this game as in store.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Diablo 3 has been the type of game where I have met some really cool people that I still keep in contact with outside of the game.
As I mentioned earlier, there is a player base that really cares about helping the newer community grow and learn about the game. I have experienced that first hand a number of times.
Now Diablo 3 to a lot of people does not seem all that interesting, however I thought the exact same when I was first thinking of getting it. One of my close friends talked me into getting the game because he knew that I would enjoy it. So three of us all went together and ordered the game. Years later I am the only one still continuously playing the game and preparing myself each week to have time playing it. It doesn't really require that much time to play this game because you can literally just jump in for 10minutes and then jump straight off, or you can do all day runs with your mates!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Something extremely great about this game is featured in this Photo. Blizzard still monitor and update this game with really cool stuff, like the new necromancer character. Something I loved about this character coming out is the fact that I then jumped into a game and I was the only person still using a classic character, my other 3 party members were all rocking the new necromancer. It did not take long before I went to Blizzards website and bought that character too! It is so much fun seeing something so unique come into a game that has been out for quite some time now.

If you are looking for a game where you know that there will always be support and updates coming, then Diablo 3 is for you. The value of game time you get for the little money you spend on actually buying the game is beyond worth the investment. Highly recommend this game to anyone as I have gotten an extreme amount of hours out of this game and have enjoyed every single moment of it.

Hope this helps anyone looking to buy the game!

- Exiliex
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Author Exiliex
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