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The great world of the 12

A very popular game that was given to the public in 2004 and in particular I joined the game in 2007 for that time was an extremely good game since you can do everything in that game. One of the great promises of this game was the competitive level, was to reach level 200 and fight for areas and collectors who were collecting the objects for you.
This great game called Dofus was practically your life since you had to work to get kamas, the Kamas was the monetary system of the game and that was achieved through the effort made by you. One of the most fruitful work at that time was to be a baker and fisherman. Currently, the most popular work is the baker but does not generate much income, the alchemist work at the moment is the best paid since the pockets of collectors, prisms to conquer the area are expensive.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In particular, when I talk about this game, it generates a great deal of nostalgia for me, because I spend a lot of time in my childhood pity that they changed the manager of the game called Sir-Dal, which was what gave life to the game with its events, tournaments and many things.
This great game features many races both male and female. They have a number of characters that you will never get bored playing. It has an extensive amount of missions that many are complicated to do but not impossible.
The characters are based on elements that are wisdom, earth, intelligence, air, and water. These abilities will define your character of an element and you will have to make the dress of that element so that you can win many PVP or PVMpvm fights. In the game, there are 2 types of alignments that are brakmar and bonta. The brakmarios mean practically hell and those of bontas mean the sky.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
This great game has a level limit that is 200 after that level you get an invocation skill called dopeul. It is a unique invocation for each race, this will help you to finish the fights faster. One of the most anticipated things of this game was the summer when summer came to a map called vulkania an island of dinosaurs that you had to kill them and gave you much experience and valuable objects. When Christmas came they called it nawidad they opened an island, especially in December, just as they gave you experience, objects, and many gifts.
As time passed the game was declining when the population of players, due to all the extreme modifications that made the game. Many players were annoyed and decided to leave the game definitive although this game sometimes you will return at least to greet and give it a return.
This game is totally free for some areas of the map. To explore more than 80% of the map you have to pay a deposit so that you can enjoy all the areas.
Council reviews guides on how to arm a character since the game is extremely complete and so you will adapt to the monsters and other characters
Cheer up, play Dofus and explore the world of 12.
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